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Daylesford Country Retreats. Australia.

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After moving from Melbourne Australia to Daylesford in an effort to escape the traffic and experience the country life, Troy and Brendan launched Dayburn Property Management in April 2017 and followed this a year later with their accommodation website Daylesford Country Retreats in April 2018.


Both of the founders herald from fast paced corporate backgrounds. Troy has a twenty-year career managing award winning hotels across Melbourne, while Brendan comes from twenty-five years of managing fast paced consumer goods working with many well-known Australian brands.

Both of them had interests in property, buying, renovating and selling them across Melbourne and this has continued in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. Daylesford Country Retreats provides Brendan and Troy with the opportunity to further develop their interest in property, while utilising their management and customer service skills in the local community.


An office team of three people and various sub-contractors manage the 43 properties in their portfolio, and all are located within Daylesford and Hepburn Springs.

Applying their well-honed processes and procedures to each of their properties and tweaking them wherever necessary for the benefit of the owners, Troy and Brendan have the motto, “We care for your property as if it’s our own.”

It isn’t just a tag line either, the team put forward the best recommendations to owners based on keen market research and are sure to help the owners adapt, change and update their properties to keep as relevant and marketable as possible. This communication and dedication are simply how they run their business, putting their relationship with their owners in front of everything.


There are some essentials that the pair have found are required in every house, a necessary standard for what the modern resident is looking for irrespective of their purpose for visiting. These include the given things like comfortable beds, great bathrooms and kitchens and a surgical cleanliness. Relaxing garden views are important too, fires in winter and being able to offer connectivity is a must, including WIFI and Netflix.

While some of these are unlikely to change, trends do shift focusses and tastes and each new season brings something new and useful for their owners to capitalise on. These could be small style amendments, or opportunities to appear on new platforms or simply making owners aware of new events.


The relationship with their owners is key to everything that Daylesford Country Retreats do, and it has influenced how Brendan and Troy have structured their business.

“Troy and I manage all aspects of the relationship from property setup, cleaners, and the maintenance team,” Brendan says, “We work overtime with the owners who have a big investment and who need to rely and trust that their properties are in safe hands.”

Daylesford is a location that many guests come to for special occasions, weddings, birthdays or romantic weekend getaways. Making the check in process as seamless as possible and ensuring the houses are ready for guests is critical. So, all of their properties at Daylesford Country Retreats are self-check in, meaning guests don’t have to arrive at an office by a set time to get the keys. Properties have a lock box with a unique code and all guests walk into a lit home with the heating or cooling on for them. If needed, assistance is available 24/7 and is just a call away.


This year, Daylesford Country Retreats have ten new properties coming on board and there will be more in the future as this location has so much to offer.  Daylesford is an easy 90-minute drive from the central business district of Melbourne and only 75 minutes from Melbourne International Airport.

Renowned for its natural healing mineral springs, galleries, massages and the iconic Hepburn bathhouse the area also hosts festivals all year around. These include the ChillOut Festival, which is Australia’s biggest LGBT country Pride event, drawing over 15,000 people to the area.

PRICE. $250 – $350 a NIGHT

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0061 407 810 576