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Cabañas Alfonsina

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La Alfonsina was originally founded by Fidel, Marian and their three children. Their family have always been lovers of nature and adventure, and the location is of personal significance as it is where Fidel was born.

A genuine connoisseur of the area, Fidel spent his childhood riding through the Cajón del Maipo mountains on horseback and his early adult life travelling through South America. These adventures led him to meet his wife, Mariana in Ecuador.

It was a mutual decision to start a new life in the Andes mountain and La Alfonsina owes its name to the town where it is located, San Alfonso. La Alfonsina is the female version of the name and highlights the fact that although the whole family participate, it is the women who run the business.


Located in the picturesque town of San Alfonso, in the middle of the high Andes Mountain Range and only a two-hour drive from Santiago airport. The area is well visited for adventure tourism including skiing, trekking, rafting, canyoning, canopy, horseback riding, mountain biking and much more.

It is also very well known for its international food, craft breweries and wine tastings. From Cabañas la Alfonsina you can reach several tourist attractions, including El Morado National Monument which is in the process of declaring itself a national park, the Yeso Reservoir, the Lead Springs or the mountainous hot springs of the Colina Baths (Baños Colina).

There are also a range of interesting and picturesque villages available to visit such as Baños Morales, San José de Maipo and Melosas to name a few.


At Cabañas Alfonsina there are three cabins for two people and one cabin that can receive up to four. These cabins form part of the National Register of Tourism Providers of SERNATUR (Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism of Chile). The cabin styles are rustic and handcrafted, including furniture and textiles manufactured by the family and handmade by artists from the community.

All construction was handled by Fidel and Marian, and the materials they selected were locally sourced wood, rocks and other materials. These and the designs of the cabins themselves were chosen for their low impact on the environment and the interior decoration includes many products produced by the talented artisans of the area as well.

While designed to be rustic, each cabin still has the necessary amenities to enjoy their stay in comfort including heating, WIFI, utensils, appliances and a swimming pool.


Great effort is made to ensure that guests feel comfortable during the stay and can enjoy the local landscapes. Fidel and Marian are also interested in knowing the guest’s opinion of what is on offer and maintain a guestbook for such input. The reservation system that is used also allows guests to send satisfaction surveys after the stay. Marian explains this is important as it helps them know what makes their customers happy and what aspects could be approved upon.


Over and above a soon to be installed outdoor hot tub situated in the middle of the mountain that will provide guests an ideal place to contemplate nature and relax, Fidel and Marian have also acquired agreements with tourism providers to allow their guests preferential options to travel the area. Enabling their guests greater freedom to travel to locations unseen by other travellers.


Comfortable shoes and clothes are essential, and all guests should bring some cash in the national currency of Chilean pesos.

Regarding other payments, in their cabins national and international cash and PayPal payments are accepted and very soon payments will be able to be made with credit cards.

PRICE: The value for cabins for two people is 50,000 Chilean pesos

The value per cabin for 4 people is 70,000 Chilean pesos

ADDRESS: Camino al Volcán 30.076- San José de Maipo- Santiago- Chile

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +56997362504/ +56968200390/ 56228612018



PRICE: $50.000 /night