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Asheville: A City Where The Motto Is ‘Quality Of Life

Situated in one of the most eastern states, Asheville is built in the middle of a valley. As you can therefore imagine, the landscape and terrain is simply beautiful. The various shades of green from the vegetation surround this city of 89,000 people. However Asheville is on the western side of the state of North Carolina, so it’s not affected by the North Atlantic winds and rain. There’s quite a bit of sunshine all year round, and the rain level is just below average for other eastern states. The most recognized natural feature of the city are the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thousands of hikers make their trek up the mountains and see the state from a perched viewpoint. There’s a forest which you can explore just outside the city limits, a nature center where there are examples of the local wildlife and you can visit a modern village to taste the cuisine and enjoy the activities.

A Home by the Forest

The trees around the city are not as tall as those you would find in the midwest but they are very thick with leaves and branches. Thus if you were driving into the city you might not even realize there is a village encroaching around the borders. Biltmore Village has a 19th century feel to it, with the brown and beige architecture, you are transported back into another time. The village has its own church called the Cathedral of All Souls. The village itself has it’s own healthcare center, as well as schools for the local children, plenty of shops and a few family owned restaurants.

Expect a Deluxe Experience

You’ll need somewhere to stay while in Asheville, and vying for your attention is the Haywood Park Hotel. It’s one of the best downtown Asheville hotels with a reputation for deluxe bedrooms of fantastic high quality contemporary decor. You can book a room with a city view exclusively or if you want something more filled with nature, you have the forest view suites also. Choose from the junior, deluxe, grand and superior suite styles. As you progress up the styles the rooms get larger and much more luxurious than the previous. The hotel has two restaurants but the more common of the two is Isa’s Bistro. Guests are given a complimentary breakfast every morning in this restaurant. The other restaurant is called Hemingway’s Cuba which as you can tell has a Cuban cuisine but also a bar.

Hiking the Mountains

The Pisgah National Forest is around a humongous 513,000 acre area. There are multiple mountains that are situated inside the forest. One of which is called the Black Mountain and is often the choice of many mountain bike enthusiasts for it’s rocky challenge. The 801 square mile forest is also filled with various creeks and waterfalls which are often alongside man made trails that have been created for hikers.

Asheville is a city where the quality of life is met with the quality of the outdoors. You have the option of a luxury castle-like hotel, as well as a humble homely village and giant forest to explore.