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How to Look Stylish on a 2-Day Work Trip Without Overpacking

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Traveling light is often a challenge, and this is especially true for business trips which are typically on short notice and involve highly flexible plans. Finding a way to dress professionally and appear put together on a quick trip isn’t always easy, but these tips will have you looking sharp on any business trip.

Think in Outfits

It’s easy to mix and match when you’re traveling for pleasure, but packing for a business trip will go more smoothly if you decide on an entire outfit for each day in advance. This makes it easy to determine exactly what you’ll need and what you can afford to leave behind.

When planning an outfit, it’s wise to choose items that can be paired with multiple accessories. Bring a versatile sweater or a T-shirt with a pocket made of quality materials like wool or satin. Add accessories such as hats and scarves for added style. Pack light clothes, as these items are easy to carry and quick to dry if needed.

Of course, when on a multi-day business trip, it’s important to vary your outfits. One way you can alter your appearance for multiple occasions is to add distinct accessories to your ensemble. If you’re going while its warm out, a summer subscription box could provide a wide assortment of work-appropriate accessory options to pair with your outfits. Obviously, if you were going to a cold-weather location, you might choose to bring your favorite scarf or hat, instead.

Choosing your outfits in advance will also remove this as a potential source of stress once you’re at the destination. Instead of spending your mornings trying to piece together a presentable outfit, you’ll be able to use that time to catch up on work, explore the city, or simply relax.

Avoid Changing Whenever Possible

Sometimes there’s just no way to get through a business trip without changing clothes, but it’s always better for each outfit to last an entire day. This is easier to pull off with a relatively neutral base and a few fashion-forward pieces to add for any after-work events.

For the same reason, you should try to pack outfits you’ve worn before and feel comfortable in, rather than attempting to mix and match something new from your existing wardrobe. A business trip isn’t the best time to start experimenting with your fashion, so stick to outfits you know you’ll feel confident in.

Packing Shoes

The average woman owns 34 pairs of shoes, and it can be difficult to narrow your business trip shoes down to just a few pairs. That said, adding unnecessary shoes to your suitcase will take up valuable space, and you probably won’t need more than two pairs for a typical 2-day trip.

Consider packing one pair of neutral heels that will remain comfortable throughout an evening, along with flats for comfort while traveling. Whatever shoes you decide to take with you should match the outfits you’re planning to wear, and neutral colours are always a safe bet.

Quick Tips for Saving Space

After you’ve decided what you’re taking with you, the next step is doing everything possible to fit those items into your suitcase. Rolling your clothes is a great way to make them take up less space without causing wrinkles, and it’s a much more compact option than folding and stacking.

If you need more room for smaller items and accessories like socks or gloves, consider packing them inside your spare pair of shoes. And while you should always try to wear your jacket on the plane in order to maximize suitcase space, it can also be packed on top of your clothes if you prefer.

Packing for a quick business trip can feel overwhelming, but it can be made much easier than it sounds with a little preparation and thoughtful planning. These tips will make it easy to pack presentable and versatile clothing for your trip, making you look like you didn’t travel at all.