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Founded in August 2018 by Edwin Muzahura the former Marketing Manager for the Uganda Tourism Board. Tides Africa Safaris is an answer to the need for a uniquely Ugandan luxury tour company offering outstanding luxury tours across Africa.

Crater Safari Lodge Uganda.

Nobody can dispute that Tides Africa Safaris understands class and luxury. From Mountain Gorilla tours in Uganda, to the scenic views of the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, to visits to the Virunga Volcanoes in Rwanda, each tour offers a full package of unmatched quality.

Distinguished and highly regarded for their personalized approach to these unique experiences, Tides Africa Safaris, in a short time has become a favorite amongst VIPs, Executives and both Adrenaline and Leisure Seekers alike. Headquartered in Kampala, Uganda, and working with the finest suppliers, every safari is tailored made from scratch with the aim of creating unmatchable experiences.


A business possessing of a vision, their aim is to be the leading provider of memorable luxury travel within and beyond Africa. To achieve this world class service they hold themselves accountable to a mandate of luxury, honesty, passion, respect and especially responsibility.

This approach is strongly enforced by the Association of Uganda Tour Operators which holds the highest values of tourism in their country and which they are a member of.

What the Client can expect

Providing a range of services, Tides Africa Safaris offers several signature, adventure and traditional experiences. These include golfing tours, vintage car tours, private champagne cruises, city or town tours, restaurants and bar hopping, wildlife tours, shopping experiences and adrenaline junkie experiences.

Rwenzori Mountaineering

Their travel fleet comprises of luxury and vintage vehicles, chartered flights and luxury marine vessels. Each properly manned and staffed and ready to serve.

Boasting a wide range of luxury vehicles for a guest’s road use, Tides Africa Safaris challenges any guest to try hold onto their stress when they get into one of their cars.

“Why let anything go unexplored,” Edwin says, “Why not experience the thrilling journey in a legendary Mercedes Benz, Land Cruiser or Range Rover?”

There are also Volkswagen Touregs, Audi Q8, and V8 Land Cruisers available, or pretty much any other prestigious car brand that a guest could name. Each one comes with an experienced chauffer trained to offer the highest high-end service as well as the sort of drive you would expect within such an exotic ride.

Frankly, if you have an Instagram or Twitter account, get ready to go viral.

The Additional Services Available

Dealing with such a high-end clientele, Tides Africa Safaris is well aware of the importance of adding extra. With this in mind there are a select number of additional services that can be offered during a guest’s arrival and stay. These include things like the VIP Service, where everything apart from enjoying their time in Africa is catered for as a guest’s luggage, transportation and accommodation are all looked after. Then there’s the Meet and Greet service upon arrival to one of the accommodations including a champagne toast and an extravagant start to the first night.


Their accommodation is cozy, private and high-end with dedicated personal service. Whether you are staying in a villa, lodge or Hotel, the standard and quality of services is guaranteed.

And, for those guests who have reason to be more security conscious, Tides Africa Safaris are able to provide security personnel. These highly trained individuals can blend in and minimise attention while maintaining constant vigilance. Informed of a client’s  itinerary and thoroughly briefed they are able to conduct threat assessments and are an ever-present but discrete force of personal safety.

Luggage Handling

Dealing with luggage is something no traveler enjoys doing. Understanding this, a guest can expect their baggage logistics to be promptly and efficiently handled and stored with maximum care.

“We have a more cautious service that saves you any worry about the safety of your belongings,” Edwin explains, “Our service providers understand the importance of your property and they make sure it safely delivered to your hotel. Whether you choose to have it delivered early or receive it later after you have checked in.”


A selection of new tours are available this year, including MICE, Business Investment tours, Retirement Tours, Executive Getaways and many more.

Guests should expect customizable and quality experiences and feel free to bask in it like royalty.

This could be the coolest way to experience Africa.

PRICE: Average $4000.00 US

WEBSITE: www.tidesafricasafaris.net


TELEPHONE: +256 393 241594 or +256 752 720283