Glamping Madagascar

Mandrare River Camp. Riverside Luxury tented accommodation in the heart of Madagascar.

*As seen in The Logbook

In 2007, Mandrare River Camp welcomed its first guests to the luxury tented camp set upon the banks of the Mandrare River in Madagascar. One of the first locations of the spectacular Madagascar Classic Collection founded by Edward Tucker Brown, it was built in an effort to bring something unique to one of the last unexplored regions of the world. Something unique and gorgeous.

Both unique and gorgeous.


As such, Mandrare River Camp provides luxurious tented accommodation in an environment characterised by thick jungle, clear rivers and authentic fishing villages. It also provides an important function in the local community where 90% of the staff are recruited locally with everyone receiving training to take on future management positions.


Mandrare River Camp has six en suite tents that are generously spread out beneath the shade of tamarind trees. Each one benefits from breath-taking views of the sacred mountains across the tranquil waters while offering complete privacy to guests.

Far removed from the usual hustle and bustle that can be found in luxury resorts, the seclusion of the camp is something to behold and offers a perfect opportunity to recharge and relax. For adventurers, there is also access to the spiny forest which is not only home to an abundance of wildlife unique to the island but also the fascinating Antandroy tribe that co-habit this otherworldly landscape.


The six tents are fully en suite with a private terrace overlooking the river and during the year the whole camp is regularly upgraded to ensure a fresh and sophisticated feel.

Such as, in 2012 the thatched river terrace was added with a swimming pool for guests to  cool off in during the warmer days. And in the tents the artistic wooden furniture has been individually hand-carved to represent a different local wildlife theme of south eastern Madagascar. Guests will find plenty of these little touches spread across the camp which have been added purely for the pleasure of visitors.


Unless otherwise stated, all activities at Mandrare River Camp are included at the stay at no extra cost and guests can fully benefit from their expertise and knowledge of the local area.

The area benefits from two different forest types that hold five species of lemur and countless birds and reptiles of incredible colour and variety. And this particular location is in the heart of the Antandroy tribal area. A cultural experience of singular quality is available thanks to the camp fostering excellent relationships with the local community. This means that guests are treated as ‘Vahiny’, translated as “Welcome guests” and not as tourists.

Through the presence of Mandrare River Camp, they have been able to directly assist in a number of key projects within the local community. These include the building of schools and classrooms, providing electricity for Health Centres and Maternity clinics, as well as helping with educational supplies such as school satchels, pens and exercise books.


Madagascar is one of the last unexplored regions in the world. The infrastructure requires development and the roads can be unpredictable and bumpy. All guests are advised to wear their hiking boots and prepare themselves for adventure and fun.

And the chance to see wild lemurs.

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TELEPHONE NUMBER: +261 (0)34 05 619 08