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Africa Unike Adventures and Safaris. Keeping the interest of the safari adventurer at heart

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Only offering private safaris, Africa Unike Adventures and Safaris seeks to ensure that everyone coming to Kenya and Tanzania for a safari, gets an adventure. A decade ago, Eunice Kanyiva Kaveke came up with the idea of sharing the country that she called home with guests. After fifteen years of working with the best hotels and safari camps she began her business in Mobasa offering tours within the city. Since then her business has expanded to be one of the most prominent in the East Africa countries.

With a vision that keeps the safari adventure at heart, Eunice’s aim is to create the perfect private safari and to ensure that everyone gets to encounter great experiences as they see the amazing sights in Africa. The best service at the best price.

In the Tanzania and Kenya safari tours their clients get to travel with bright, experienced and knowledgeable guides providing excellent customer care. They offer safe pick up and drop off at the airport and everything can be paid securely online.

What Clients Can Expect

All service packs for these locations offer an unforgettable experience for visitors by providing impressive views of the African landscape as well as the exotic animal sanctuaries.

Without doubt, Maasai Mara is the most popular tourist destination and Africa Unike Adventures and Safaris offer a chance to see the variety of Kenyan and Tanzanian wildlife. Combining days in Kenya and Tanzania, a lot can be discovered about the about local culture, wildlife and the wonderful land connected them.

The great migration is a one of a kind thing to see. It is rare to get the opportunity to witness an animal movement of this size migrating from Kenya to Tanzania. Of all the safari experiences, The Great Migration is a unique chance to see how, in a relatively short time, millions of animals migrate from country to country.

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