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Finding the Best Breakfast While Traveling

Image Credit: Unsplash

Whether you are the kind of person who likes to follow their stomach around the world or you have different priorities, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This first meal sets you up well for skiing down a black run just as well as it does for spending a long day lying in the sun. And, starting the day as you mean to go on is just what holidays are about.

But when you are in a new place, finding the best breakfast is not always as easy as at home. Decent breakfast restaurants are few and far between in some places so a bit of research is always worth your time.

In the meantime, here are a few tips that will help.

Packing Your Own Supplies

Packing for any trip requires a bit of planning but as well as your swimsuit and ski goggles, you might also like to think about taking some snacks with you. Kids are little terrors when it comes to food so having a few cereal bars on hand is a good way to keep them happy no matter what time it is.

Backpackers, in particular, should think carefully about the food they want to take as it should be light enough to carry at the start of the trip but calorie dense enough to keep them going. There are all kinds of rehydratable foods that will make a great breakfast from oatmeal to hashbrowns and eggs.

Keep a Lookout for Bakeries

While you are exploring a new location, you should also keep a lookout for bakeries and shops that might do breakfast supplies. Though the bakeries might not be open first thing in the morning, you can always buy breakfast the night before.

Most places will have a bakery of some sort nearby and if you are staying in a hostel, they should be able to point you in the right direction. It has to be said that Paris is home to some of the best bakeries in the world and the bread is really to die for. If you are passionate about breakfast, Paris is the place to go!

Ask the Locals

If there is one sure way to get a good recommendation, it is by asking the locals. While wandering around and looking at menus is a reasonable way to figure out where to eat, asking local shop owners or bartenders is a sure way to get a great option.

Eating like a local is a great way to experience another culture. Though online review sites are great for a bit of preliminary research, trust your instincts when you get there. Sadly, street food is an often missed opportunity that you shouldn’t shy away from – especially if there is a crowd!

If breakfast is your jam, finding the best food while you are abroad is going to make a big difference to your holiday. Be prepared to explore and try new things. Give every day the best possible start!