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Ucomeafrik. Safari Tours in Nigeria and Ghana

The company that would become Ucomeafrik was founded in 2012 by Mr. Confidence Aguiyi. They immediately began producing some of the finest safari tours available thanks to Confidence’s experience as a private tour guide and his skills in communication and tourism of which he holds a bachelor’s and a Diploma.


“As a tour director, tourist guide and planner I love offering captivating historical details, combined with original material and a lot of humor,” Confidence says, “I love offering private tours. They give me the opportunity to have a real connection with the guests. Talk about the subjects they care about, answer the questions they have in mind.”

What the Client Can Expect

Confidence and Ucomeafrik provide not only thoroughly researched tours but also experiences to cherish within Ghana, Benin, Nigeria and Togo and Liberia. The various tours include historical tours, adventure tours, Medical research, wildlife safari tours, cultural exchange tours, pleasure and romance, city, nature and interestingly business tours.

“You are the guest from the moment you arrive at the airport until you walk into the departure lounge,” he says.

Tours and travel are scheduled to suit the customer’s needs as Confidence understands that new destinations can be daunting to a newcomer. So Ucomeafrik can accompany you as you shop, run errands, visit museums or just wander about the town. Providing advice and company.

It may be your first time visiting the countries covered by Ucomeafrik, which include Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone (West Africa) but the tour concepts remain the same, “something more local and fun than just visiting tourist destinations.”

Original itineraries are provided depending on preferences and Ucomearik are able to offer the additional service of booking hotels, transportation and restaurant bookings. Saving clients, the hassle and stress and leaving space for them just to enjoy themselves.

PRICE.  It depends on the request of the client.

PHONE: Nigeria: +234 (90) 74494155

   Ghana: +233-247551072, Benin Republic: +29999330471