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Redhill Glamping Holidays. Worcester. United Kingdom.

Elevated above the surrounding land, Redhill Glamping Holidays promises superb views all the way to the Cotswolds 30 miles to the East. Surrounded by National Trust oak woodlands, some of the best sunrises can be seen from this site rising over the unspoiled Herefordshire land. Early risers have the chance to see the wonderful balance of nature, arable land, grasslands and woods highlighted in the golden glaze of morning.


The six acres of Redhill and their glorious views was bought by James and Fiona Hutchings in November 2015 with the intention of launching their glamping venture. While both hail from backgrounds in animal health, they felt that there was a fierce need for real customer focus in the hospitality industry and a lack of luxurious places to stay that were built especially for couples and romance. They wanted to amend this.

“Redhill keeps you and your partner in mind,” James explains, “Over the years we have seen some terrible customer service, and this is what inspired us to try and do it right.”

Their aim is simple but powerful: Build the place with the customer in mind, treat the customer with respect and give them what they want rather than what they don’t want.


Everything, save for the Geodomes, have been locally sourced. Ground staff, website design and social media support, builders, plumbers, electricians and all of the materials on site are all local-grown and genuine. The site is small and growing at the moment, with James handling the mainstay of the business with help from Fiona on the weekends. Two more domes are expected and once they arrive, they will be adding reliable cleaners to aid with the turnaround.


Two geo domes currently dominate Redhill, setting the standard of chic romance with hot tubs, private facilities, king sized beds and log burners. Soft rugs adorn the floor and from the bed the views that are available could inspire novels. The domes were clearly chosen as the accommodation to take full advantage of these very sights and a guest can lie in bed drinking their preferred tipple with their partner, savoring the delicious views, knowing that Redhill was built just for them.


Relationships are of paramount importance and that’s what Redhill stands for. From booking in to departure James and Fiona want to ensure a memorable time that will add a great flavour to a relationship, one that can be repeated year upon year.

The process of booking in is very straightforward from their website and James meets all new guests in person to welcome them to Redhill. This is important to him as he follows the old-fashioned idea that the host plays just as important a role in a holiday stay as the accommodation. Being on hand for anything.

James explains that he has taken guests to functions and picked them up, he has advised them where to go based on their own personal preferences and his encyclopedic knowledge of the area. And if in doubt he is happy to answer any questions, remarking that texting is a wonderful mode of communication. Open communications also breeds honest and helpful feedback.

“This feedback has helped me improve the offering to future guests, so I thank everyone for their input on this journey,” he says, adding, “Commendations and criticisms are equally valuable and help us get more of the former than the latter.”


The Redhill logo says, “It’s just for you.”

That is what guests should hold in their mind.



£180 for a single night £309.60 for 2 nights and £420 for 3 nights

£140 for a two-night mid-week stay.

Redhill Holidays, Redhill, Whitbourne, Worcester, WR65ST



TELEPHONE: +44 (0)7885803280