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Mount Kenya Adventures

Peter K. Ngatia and Charles Gichuki founded Mount Kenya Adventures in 2015. Inspired by the love of nature and exploring the many tourist attractions that Kenya has, they wanted to offer something thrilling for travelers coming to their home land. Peter has had over 30 successful summit attempts at Point Lenana standing at 4895m on Mt. Kenya.


Whether it be climbing Kenya’s highest mountain Mt. Kenya or touching the sky on Africa’s rooftop, Mt. Kilimanjaro or even, counting the wildebeest during the annual Great Migration in the Masai Mara, they have it covered with something unique and exciting.

The Adventures

Each adventure lasts between 5-6 days and a variety of trips are available to give clients ample choices to choose the best adventure for them. Mount Kenya Adventures also makes sure that every trip comes with experienced and engaging guides, porters and highly skilled cooks to make the adventures satisfying and thrilling for all the clients.

Different accommodation types are available depending on what kind of trip is being offered at any particular time. Naturally, with such an array of tours available from mountain trekking to savannah expeditions, the accommodation has to suit the location.

For Mt. Kenya climbing trips, they offer camping in tents or in Bandas and for trips in the national parks and reserves, they partner with hotels and lodges that offer services from the budget range to the luxurious. Budget is something that is discussed ahead of travelling and the trip is planned and crafted around this.


Peter explains that building relationships is the backbone that has sustained their presence and helped them grow as a business. According to him, without new and spirited relationship building, no growth can really be achieved.

And, to achieve great relationships takes a few things which Mount Kenya Adventures have mastered. Such things as excellent, timely and accurate communication, updates on the happenings before and during safaris, balanced, healthy and delicious food and most importantly putting the safety and comfort of clients first.

Sustainability Work

Mount Kenya Adventures work and partner with a number of conservation initiatives and institutions, especially in tree planting to improve and conserve the environment around the mountain. Working together to sustain the natural heritage is something that the founders are very keen on. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Peter advises any would-be travelers to Kenya that there are a couple of things to make sure of before embarking. These include knowing where they want to visit and for how long, making sure they have met the necessary visa requirements in advance and have the necessary immunizations done in time.

PRICE: $300 per day per person.

TELEPHONE NUMBER:   +254 724 142 358/ +254 713 51 44 00