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Colapz. Manufacturers of Space Saving Technology and Products.

Solving those annoying issues that you thought were unsolvable.

Founded in 2010 by David Fannin and Shaun Moore, the aptly named Colapz aims to make the “everyday” extraordinary and the “useful” beautiful too. Their business achieves this through the design and creation of space saving products and solutions for campers, glampers and boutique accommodation providers. Having already revolutionized buckets and clever watering cans, this wholly British company is changing the way we think about the value of space.

The Business

In 2010 David Fannin and Shaun Moore came across the materials at a trade exhibition and felt that there was an opportunity for design-led products which were functional and space saving.

David and Shaun have between 20 and 25 years of experience of product and graphic design in Far East manufacturing and delivering into the Western retail market. Colapz’s initial product and the ones that have since been developed have been highly influential in the design of accommodation for such industries as glamping. In this market space saving technology allows for more unique places to be designed without sacrificing the area to move in.  It has also helped many homes and homemakers to neaten up many areas and gain more space and declutter their lives.

The Product and Services

Made from flexible, eco-friendly material, the cleverly collapsible products enable users to save space and at the same time do something about saving the world too. The products can be twisted down for compact storage and easy transport, while opening up spaces in homes, shops and lorries. Each product comes with a year-long guarantee but the expectation is that they’ll last a lifetime.

“We’re on a mission,” David says, “To revolutionize everyday objects, making them clever, compact, colourful and eco-friendly.  There’s no excuse for drab, and minimum design either. So no matter how practical the product we promise to keep them creative, innovative and interesting and designed to do the best job while taking up the less space.”


Savvy buyers will find David and Shaun exhibiting at a number of consumers shows and events throughout 2019 as they continue to build relationships with their community of clients. Here they’ll be demonstrating some of their products and the advantages they offer. Such products as:

 5-in-1 Camping Utensil:

A spoon, a fork, a knife, tongs and bottle opener this durable, safe-to-use innovation is the sort of tool that every parent who has ever controlled the barbecue and dinner bench at a camp-out will cherish. Made of food grade plastic it is easy to wash and will not degrade like metal utensils. Kids, eager to get out to play, will also appreciate the ease of using the 5-in-1 before dunking it into the washing bucket.


Collapsible 2-in-1 Water Carrier & Bucket:

Perfect for washing buckets and conveniently folding away out of site between trips, this fully collapsible and insulated product can be immediately used as a water dispenser or a bucket. With a capacity of 8 litres, it is perfect for outdoor water sources be it a water hole for playing kids, or a bucket for washing the car after a day out getting it muddy.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0115 7270496