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10 of the most Sustainable and Eco-Conscious African Safaris.

The African tourism industry has a lot to do. It has to balance sustaining it’s natural eco-systems while maintaining engaging tours for tourists and travellers. It isn’t an easy job to get it right all the time, but here are ten of the best that The Logbook has had the pleasure of featuring.


  1. Engagi Gorilla Tours

Engagi Safaris provide more than just a tour, they provide an experience. For over ten years they’ve offered the most knowledgeable, engaging and unobtrusive gorilla tours in the tropical rainforests of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. They have also been instrumental in raising awareness and appreciation for the thirteen different primate species found within these regions. These include chimpanzees, baboons, colobus, pottos, galagos and many different kinds of monkeys.

Interesting fact: Did you know that Engagi mean’s Gorilla in Chiga, the language of southwestern Uganda.



  1. Maasai Wanderings

Maasai Wanderings and their accommodation partner Nasikia Camps offer a range of safaris and unique Tanzanian experiences all specially designed for the traveller. The kinds of safaris on offer include family and honeymoon safaris, the best rated photo tours which include the opportunity to see wildlife and birdlife in a completely new way and many Zanzibar experiences.

For sake of experience-quality as well as traveller-safety, the team at Maasai Wanderings often run extra field trip missions to confirm or establish new and improved paths for carrying out the tours. The founder is insistent that every tour itinerary provides the clients with the most enjoyable and culturally educating experience possible.

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  1. All Around Tanzania Safaris

Specialising in Tanzanian trips that include all the known locations and a number of unknown and hidden gems, All Around Tanzania Safaris Pty Ltd are the company that seasoned travellers use for their Tanzanian experience.

Each Safari is custom built around the Client and their personal preferences as to what they wish to see.  The general itinerary includes the “must see” National Parks including; Lake Manyara, Arusha, Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater .  Additional experiences include a visit to Lake Eyasi and the Hadzabe Tribe, some of the last hunter and gatherers still living off the land.  The Bushmen and Blacksmiths here share their stories.

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  1. Elisomi Tours. Tanzania.

Photography Safaris are ever growing in popularity. Capture the right picture at the right time and you could be a social media hero. Or, if social status isn’t important, you can have a memory captured forever for your own pleasure. Elisomi Tours feature multiple opportunities for the perfect photograph. From budding enthusiasts to professional photographers.


Seeing Tanzania from the floating balloon in the sky you get a completely different perspective of the sheer scale of this country and how much of it is dedicated to wild, open lands. The vast Serengeti below, inundated with animals and herds and predators all overlooked by the splendid rise of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance. Balloon Safaris has become a firm favourite for many travellers to Tanzania seeking a unique, sublime experience that they could call their own.

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  1. Gamewatchers Safaris. Porini. Kenya.

Gamewatchers Safaris and Porini Camps are setting the highest standards for photographic wildlife tours with accommodation in authentic bush camps, demonstrating that business can flourish beside wildlife without encroaching or disrupting it.

Elephant pond near Porini Camp, Amboseli, Kenya.

Imagine a guided walk with a Maasai warrior, learning to see the African wilderness as they do and tracking big cats and their prey. Or, night safari game drives in safari jeeps providing you the opportunity to spot the nocturnal civet cat and caracal. Or perhaps you would like to sit in comfort in one of the camps and simply enjoy listening to the night sounds of the bush ringing out as the nocturnal creatures come alive.

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  1. New African Territories. Kenya

New African Territories specialises in incredible adventures and safaris which combine their wonderfully unique properties. The carefully crafted safaris that typically last between 10 days and two weeks that are designed to meet a guest’s tastes while also creating an ‘off the beaten’ track adventure, which all of our properties provide. Combining the immense personal experiences and knowledge of the guides, New African Territories aims to offer a personal touch while being 100% authentic.


Their portfolio consists of small and intimate camps and lodges, with 13 rooms or less to keep the feeling of being out in the wild alive. Each property offers stunning, excellent game viewing in unique locations and provide authentic cultural experiences be it local food, music or stories.

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  1. Wild Waters Lodge Uganda and Adrift East Africa. Uganda.

Right on the descent route of Adrift Uganda, this unique site is actually nestled between a range of graded rapids and falls. At some places you’re walking over the rapids themselves. You are literally immersed right in the middle of it and this not only gives you amazing views but also the relaxing sound of the Nile River rapids and falls.


The 10 rooms are spacious and stylish. The furnishings are all handmade with luxurious linen and fabrics. Perfect for relaxing in, if you’ve spent a day coursing down the river.


Wildwaters Lodge is equipped with wifi, offers a bar, restaurant, swimming pool and spa. Each room also has its own private bath tub outside on the viewing decks. This gives a unique, sublime view of your surroundings that you can enjoy while soaking in a tub.

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Adrift Uganda

Adrift introduced commercial rafting to Uganda in 1996 upon the Victoria Nile. Since then river rafting has become the most popular tourist activity in the country. The waters are clean, warm and quite spectacular and guided by Adrift’s 8 men crew along the river descent, which takes around five and a half hours.

Not only is this a great heap of wet fun and a total adrenaline rush but there are a lot of things to be seen on the calmer parts of the descent. These include a great variety of birdlife, tropical forests, cape clawless otters, monitor lizards, turtles and local communities and fishermen.

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  1. Lupita Island Resort. Late Tangyanika

Remote and amazingly beautiful, Lupita Island Resort is a luxurious, mostly private accommodation offering guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sublime views of one of the world’s oldest lakes and the Tanzanian mountains. While it offers the kind of activities that one would expect at a five-star luxury resort such as spa treatments, day activities and fine dining; it is the location and the wonderful ambiance of Lupita Island that makes this a truly unique and special destination.

Lupita Island is 110 acres in size and is located on Lake Tanganyika in Western Tanzania which is the longest lake in the world, the second oldest and the second deepest. It is a stopping point for many migratory birds and this is where its name Lupita comes from, which means “a place to rest on the way to somewhere else.”

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  1. Redliff Zambezi Lodge. Zambia. Mpata Gorge.

Mpata Gorge in eastern Zambia is an amazing if relatively unknown part of the world. Carved out of the land by the Zambezi River, it is a superb location for water activities and offers the infamous tigerfish as a tantalising lure for any fans of sport and fly fishing.

Redcliff Zambezi Lodge was founded by Nic van Huyssteen in 1996. South African with a background in farming and a love of fly fishing, he now works with over ten locally employed staff members and together they provide river safaris up the Zambezi, game treks and bird watching to a host of year-round guests. Visitors from around the world, looking to experience the contrasting elements that are offered in this region, come to Nic to benefit from his expertise in getting the most out of this area.

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  1. Hayward Grand Safari

 To experience southern Africa, is enough of a reason to go there. For no other region offers such a diversity of life in such a range of colours and sounds. Life could have begun here and simply boiled over into the rest of the world. With so much to discover, you shouldn’t risk leaving with average memories thanks to an average ‘budget-focused’ safari guide!

As a top executive, there is something extraordinary about you. You want extraordinary and vivid experiences. You want bespoke, tailor made opportunities to see all of the best that a place has to offer. You want an adventure that would be worthy of a Hans Zimmer original composition. You will not settle for anything less.

And nor should you.

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