The Logbook

The Logbook. January 2019.


Glamping and safaris have many things in common and are two of the most searched travel items to date. They represent the fastest growing hospitality culture in the world and offer something new and exciting to outdoor experiences. Glamourous camping is all about making memories, sleeping and being treated like royalty with plush beds and awesome views while being immersed in the outdoors. It is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it. Safaris are about connecting with a world beyond the walls of our cities and seeing the sun set on a horizon entirely beyond us.

Working closely with a host of glamping, safari and boutique accommodations as well as many suppliers to the industry we’ve produced the seventh in our Logbook. Focussing on a range of the top destinations to choose from, the people responsible for making them a reality and the suppliers responsible for supporting those dreams.

And we have looked at what the businesses are doing in 2019 to capitalise on the year past and how they motivate and look after their staff.

It is going to be a big year for travel. Where are you going to be for it?