New African Territories. Tailored Safaris for You

*As seen in The Logbook. January 2019.


New African Territories specialises in incredible adventures and safaris which combine their wonderfully unique properties. The carefully crafted safaris that typically last between 10 days and two weeks that are designed to meet a guest’s tastes while also creating an ‘off the beaten’ track adventure, which all of our properties provide. Combining the immense personal experiences and knowledge of the guides, New African Territories aims to offer a personal touch while being 100% authentic.

Founder Tamsin explains their aim, “Because of our years of experience and in depth knowledge in all things East African , we are able to advise and curate unique and special journeys that offer small, owner managed ,intimate properties, combined with the best safari activities with experienced guides. The safari adventures that we offer immerse the guests into the very depths of Africa, New African Territories celebrates east Africa’s rich and diverse people, the incredible wildlife, stunning scenery and the general spirit of this land.”


Their portfolio consists of small and intimate camps and lodges, with 13 rooms or less to keep the feeling of being out in the wild alive. Each property offers stunning, excellent game viewing in unique locations and provide authentic cultural experiences be it local food, music or stories.

Safari was born in East Africa, “And we do it well. With all of our properties our focus is on slow travel and maximum flexibility for each and every guest,” Tamsin explains, “A disconnection from the fast-paced lifestyle that most of our guests come from. An opportunity to enjoy Africa at its own rhythm. We do not follow a contrived “schedule” but flow with the day’s adventure and where it takes you.”


New African Territories are an association of friends with over 25 years of experience managing camps and operating safaris in remote areas. The reservations office is in Nairobi where a great team of staff manage the property reservations, enquiries, quotations and transfers.

Founded over 10 years ago by Tamsin who has 35 years of experience in managing and running safari lodges and safaris, she is still the driving force behind the business. Born and raised in Kenya she has a deep love for this part of the world and is an honorary game warden.

At the same time, her husband Chris is one of the leading guides in East Africa. A veteran of safaris he has unrivalled knowledge of wildlife, animal habits, flora and fauna. His love for the wild is an inspiration to many and Chris has worked on the Big Cat Diary documentaries as well as the BBC’s “The Truth About Lions” and Walt Disney’s “Africa Cats.”

An avid photographer as well, Chris helps guests get the best out of their safari shots. Making sure that they return home with the sorts of images that they will cherish forever.


Employing fifteen locally sourced staff, the company relies heavily on word of mouth to attract new guests. Their size is perfect for them as it allows an opportunity to engage with their clients and offer the most memorable experiences.


For week: $8,000 – $10,000 per person. Depending on which safari and lodge.

ADDRESS: Marula Manor, Marula Lane, Karen, Nairobi

TELEPHONE NUMBER: Tel: +254 202663397 / 3598871



PRICE/NIGHT: Varies between properties – $415 – $1000 per person per night.

Lodges include: Alex Walker’s Serian Camps, Sabuk Lodge, Ololo Lodge, Speke’s Camp, Tawi Lodge, Maasai Trails, Kitich Forest Camp and Hippo Point.