Mobile Solar Chargers. An essential tool for travel.

*As seen in The Logbook. January 2019.

Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd was founded in April 2012 after the founder, Tim Smerdon and his family crossed the Sahara Desert in an old Peugeot. During this time, which also saw Tim setting up a Fairtrade business with the Women’s Groups in Uganda, he saw the need for reliable power sources that were off grid.

“A little bit of power goes a long way,” he explains, “Especially when business and education are involved. The infrastructure in some of these locations is not great but they still require power.”

On a trek on Kilimanjaro


The Mobile Solar Charger is a fit for purpose portable power charger suitable for all scenarios, whether it is for back up or full out-country travel. While this is an ideal tool for any traveler whether you’re an executive or a backpacker, Tim has had the chance to test them against the most incredible environments.

He explains, “Our Expedition packages have improved the safety and connectivity of climbers during multiple trips to Everest and in 2018 three different teams used them.”

Some of the other expeditions that have been powered by Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd include some of the most hostile places including, ExIcemaiden, Expedition 5, Challenge Antarctica , 65Degrees North and Uphill Battle.

“After the Nepalese Earthquake, we also designed the ‘Solar Charging Can’ to give immediate power such as SatComms and medical lighting in disaster and refugee camp scenarios,” he reveals, “We hope we can use them to reduce the loss of life that these natural disasters cause, not only during but afterwards when people are left stranded.”


We live in a world where having power is essential for communication, safety and even navigation. At there are products to improve the general quality of travel. Carefully selected and tested items ranging from the kind you would use on a stop-over in an airport to the sort that your life could depend on in the middle of an Antarctic blizzard.

You can trust that all of them have been tested and will not let you down when you need the light on.