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Crown and Canopy. Glamping Consultancy with a real edge.

*As seen in The Logbook. January 2019.

When it comes to consultancy there is no substitute for experience and as glamping is a fresh industry that is lengthening its stride everyone is running to keep up. This can make setting up your own glamping site both an exciting and daunting prospect, so it is always a relief to have someone to tell you the dos and the don’t dos.

Crown and Canopy, founded in 2010, are a one-stop shop for newcomers to glamping and a valuable resource to seasoned site owners. Prior to consulting, the three founders, Edward Busby, Bill Goddard and Rebecca Goddard were involved heavily in the management and running of their own glamping sites and have backgrounds in various useful industries. Ed’s background is woodland management and glamping set-up, Bill is a designer and carpenter with a passion for old craft and alternative building and Becks studied as a textile designer and has a talent for interior design.

From left: Bill Goddard, Rebecca Goddard, Edward Busby


 Crown and Canopy have a key knowledge base that the team has built up over the years. Experience gleaned from building their own retreats from scratch, running and managing them and then doing the same for other people. Ed explains that they also do a lot of research and development year-round for their glamping manual and provide consultancy services to the leading UK agency Canopy and Stars.

 “We are passionate about creating inspiring glamping spaces. With our wealth of experience, we now have a well-rounded and current knowledge base with which to offer key services to the industry.”


Crown and Canopy’s services can be summarised in 4 key areas. Consultancy, design, building and interior design.

Consultancy. The company provides consultancy services to farms, estates, authorities and key organisations such as C&S and the National Trust. Working all over the UK providing reports, detailed appraisals, grant and planning applications to get projects off the ground and running

Design. Digital mapping services and full architectural design services are provided to each client. This forms an important step in the process of turning ideas into reality.

Building. They build bespoke sites using materials that they mill and process themselves to create a unique natural finish to each project. Bill, their build manager has a wealth of experience building a large variety of spaces from vans and wagons to cabins and round houses.

Interior design. Interior consultancy and design services lead a client through the entire process of creating an interior atmosphere.  Starting with design and mood boards and ending with procurement and installation.



With many developments on the horizon for the glamping industry, 2019 is going to be a busy and exciting year for Crown and Canopy. Ed reveals that they have the second edition of their Essential Glamping Business Manual coming out which is essential reading for anyone looking to set up a retreat of their own.

“We are very excited about this as it has evolved over the last year and makes available all the benefits of our ongoing research and experience in an easy to read and highly valuable format.” Ed says.

ADDRESS: Barton Hill Farm, Kentchurch Hereford HR2 0BZ

TELEPHONE NUMBER: Ed – 07837162452