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Cross To Africa Safaris. There is a Tanzanian safari perfect for everyone.

*As seen in The Logbook. January 2019.

Everyone has at least one suitable Tanzanian safari for them. With such a vibrant wealth of culture, wildlife and landscape there is something for everyone. The trick is picking the right safari to suit you. Or, to take it a step further and have a safari created to suit your needs. Enter Cross to Africa Safaris.

Founded in May 2014, by Anthony Protas Milinga who worked as a safari guide in Tanzania for over 15 years, Cross to Africa promises a bespoke design of safaris. This includes guides who have an intrinsic and thoroughly researched experience of the locations, top line accommodation at leading lodges and great customer service.

“You speak with the tour guides when your safari is being designed,” Anthony says, “This way the guide knows the guest, what they like and what they want to see. Likewise, the guest is able to put a face to a name and develop that important bond of trust as they enter into wildest Africa.”


Anthony employs 15 Tanzanian locals and each of the Cross to Africa Safari professionals spend several months a year in different parts of Tanzania and East Africa. Visiting the parks, reserves, destinations and accommodations and getting a really strong feel for the different places.

“Before they recommend anything to our clients, we make sure that they visit and experience a place first,” he explains.


Each safari is renewed and updated every 3 months to ensure that they move along with the wildlife migration patterns and to keep things fresh.

Anthony knows that the quality of the guides, their experience and understanding of the landscape, the ability to communicate clearly with guests and to highlight the natural wildlife, ornithology and culture is what makes a safari truly memorable. Clients come to be educated as well as entertained.

Different safaris are available to fit with a client’s timetable and can be anywhere from 2 days to 17. But even on the longest safari available a client will not be able to see everything that Tanzania has to offer.

“The number one factor for us is the quality of service,” Anthony says, “We are not a huge company and we have no desire to become one. As a small company we have the opportunity to give all clients the dedicated and engaged service they deserve.”


Anthony reveals that they have a new safari style product that will be introduced to their clients this year which will include a professional local photographer in each tour package.

“We understand that not every tourist who travels to Tanzania is a professional photographer, and not everyone will come with a good camera. Nonetheless, we want all of our clients to have the best photos of their safari while in Tanzania with us.”

PRICE: Depending on tour and accommodation from $ 250 to $ 450 per day per person.

ADDRESS: Golden Rose, Col.Middleston Road. Arusha -Tanzania.

TELEPHONE NUMBER:+255 687 318 020

EMAIL: info@crosstoafricasafaris.com

WEBSITE: www.crosstoafricasafaris.com