Glamping Southern Europe

Canto das Fontes. Pioneering Glamping Project in Madeira.

The pioneering glamping project in Madeira Island Canto das Fontes officially opened in June 2015. The dreamchild of founder Roberto Varela from Ponta do Sol, the site boasts stunning ocean views and is 100 meters above the beach of Anjos, a small village between Ponta do Sol and Madalena do Mar in Portugal.

The site includes a pair of cosy tipi tents and a yurt (the Mango yurt) located on a 3300 square metre plot of land where they have a permaculture design and a certified organic farming project. Banana trees surround the location which is set upon a cliff looking over the sea.

“My idea, is for a guest to wake up inside a tropical forest with all the fruits, plants and flowers they can imagine,” Roberto explains, “Then to breathe the fresh, pure Atlantic air and enjoy the subtropical climate of Madeira while enjoying the comfortable simplicity of life here.”


The site is deliberately uncomplicated and has only two tipis for the moment. According to Roberto this allows the guest to feel completely at peace and fully relaxed in an exclusive space. Listening to the waterfall inside the property and the waves down at the beach. By design it is as sublime as it is picturesque, appealing to guests wishing to enjoy views uncommon to most people’s lives.

 As a small villa with an organic farm, the meals here are DIY. According to the season and depending on what is available in the field it is possible for the guest to pick their own fruits and vegetables from the farm. There is a lot to do at Canto das Fontes, including scenic drives, walking, scuba diving, paragliding, fishing, swimming windsurfing normal surfing and dolphin and whale watching.


Due to the location there is no access for wheelchairs and while smoking is permitted guests are requested to be careful what they throw around. Everyone is trusted to respect and leave the natural beauty of Canto das Fontes unspoilt.



LOCATION: Caminho dos Anjos, Ponta do Sol, Madeira Island, Portugal