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Outdoorsgeek was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Will and Corina. Their elegant business supplies top-named camping and backpacking gear to the novice as well as the veteran outdoor enthusiast and glampers.

THE BUSINESS BEHIND OUTDOORSGEEK.COM works by compiling rental camping and backpacking products into Camping and Backpacking bundles. Different bundles are created so that customers can simply click and order everything they need with ease.

Corina says, “Will’s professional background is in sales, marketing and graphics and mine is in corporate quality control and compliance. We are both massive outdoor enthusiasts and was a way to pool all this together and fill a market niche.”

Sourcing their products from top names in the outdoor industry such as Osprey, Gregory, Marmot, The North Face, Big Agnes and Exped they understand the importance of quality camping equipment and tools.

“Our Motto is to ‘Inspire Love for The Outdoors’,” Corina says, “We find our inspiration when selecting our products from asking the question, ‘What are the products that will give our customers an outstanding experience?’”

They also offer mobile Glamping, where they ship DIY glamping to the customer for their personal setup. Or, if necessary, they can take it a step further and provide the complete setup and takedown for customers. Their usual glamping customers range anywhere from small DIY customers to weddings, community or corporate events and music festivals. For these music festivals they also offer camp stores for those last-minute purchases from festival-goers.


Will and Corina work with nine staff members who are highly trained and share a focus on providing excellent customer service. The way that Corina speaks about it, going the extra mile for their customers is a business policy for them.

“Making sure a customer is happy and satisfied with our products and service is central to us,” Corina says, “We ensure satisfaction by providing upfront communication and increasing our value to our customers on every transaction. I once read the different between “Try” and “triumph” is just a little “umph.” And we put the “umph” into everything we do.”


Corina says that building strong customer relationships is at the core of their success. Trust is the foundation of every good relationship and has to be earned through attentiveness and consistency and going beyond the aim of mere “customer satisfaction”. She would prefer to aim for “Customer Amazement.”

“Our Google, Facebook and online reviews confirm our commitment to trust,” she says, “We strive to be good listeners and ask the right questions- so we can understand the customer needs. But most of all we are genuine, confident, humble, trustworthy, positive and fun.”

ADDRESS: 4431 Glencoe Street, Denver CO 80216

TELEPHONE: 001 303 699 6944


PRICE: The average 2-person camping package for a 1-3-day rental is $160.

The average 2-person backpacking package for a 1-3-day rental is $176.