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Lawson Hammock. Manufacturers of Socially and Environmentally Conscious Hammock Tents

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Earning founder Wes Johnson a patent, the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock can be considered the pioneer of the hammock-camping market. The flagship product of Lawson Hammock it is as stylish as it is versatile, smoothly combining the best materials with two of the coolest things in the world. Hammocks and tents.

Wes set up the business in 2005 after graduating from North Carolina State University with a textile’s degree. Building his business from scratch and wanting to produce the best products possible he juggled a day job and his business for a following eight years. It wasn’t until 2014 that he was able to focus full time on it and devote his attention to growing the business to what it is today.

 “I love the outdoors and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” he says, “I wanted to run my own business and have a great interest in physical products and the strength of e-commerce. It also means I get to do something that will keep me outside doing what I enjoy.”


In the simplest terms, Lawson Hammocks are hammock tents. Depending on how you want to use them they’re either hammocks that can be used as comfortable, weather proof tents that can offer you some truly unique camping locations. Or tents that can be used as hammocks.

Designed to his particular specifications, Wes has drawn inspiration from what he has wanted to have while camping in the great outdoors. Often adding in details that only a real backpacker or camper would appreciate. For example, the hammock tent is quick to put up, quick to take down, is easy enough to store away and very robust.


Wes only works with the best suppliers and especially those suppliers that run socially-conscious factories. It is important to him that his partners treat their employees fairly and provide good working conditions. Doing his part to encourage fair employment in overseas communities.

“We also have a strong environmentally conscious aspect too,” Wes adds, “For example, we use an environmentally conscious warehouse, Verde Fulfillment, that offsets its carbon footprint. We’ve also supported organizations like 1% For The Planet and Leave No Trace at different times and different levels in the past.”

Customer satisfaction is also as important to him. Being 99% satisfied isn’t enough he says, it has to be 100% and this is backed by a guarantee. Wes even takes this further by personally and quickly responding to any enquiries.

“Relationships and trust are extremely important,” he says, “They are everything in business, whether it’s with the customer, partners, suppliers or anyone else. You can’t have a successful business long-term if you don’t build great relationships based on trust and mutual respect.”


Lawson Hammock are working on a couple of new ideas and collaborations with other brands for 2019. Launch dates aren’t set yet but they’ve been adding new improvements to their brand and standard hammocks to keep things always updating and improving.

ADDRESS: Based in Raleigh, NC. Shipping from Boise, ID

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 919-829-7076



PRICE/Hammock: $199.00 USD