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In 2011, Fiona Hall, a successful business owner from Australia, was in Tanzania with some friends and decided that she wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. To get there they had to hire a driver, who proved to be a bottomless fount of local information with a natural charisma and talent for engaging his passengers. His name was Marco Duwe and he would become the co-founder alongside Fiona of All Around Tanzania Safaris Pty Ltd.


Specializing in Tanzanian trips that include all the known locations and a number of unknown and hidden gems, All Around Tanzania Safaris Pty Ltd are the company that seasoned travellers use for their Tanzanian experience.

Each Safari is custom built around the Client and their personal preferences as to what they wish to see.  The general itinerary includes the “must see” National Parks including; Lake Manyara, Arusha, Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater .  Additional experiences include a visit to Lake Eyasi and the Hadzabe Tribe, some of the last hunter and gatherers still living off the land.  The Bushmen and Blacksmiths here share their stories.

“Our aim is for the client to leave Tanzania with a deeper appreciation of this incredible country,” Fiona says, “We want them to feel connected to it.”


A variety of accommodation is available on the various tours depending on the needs and budget of their clients. These can range from safaris to high end luxury tented camps and lodges.

Fiona says, “We are mindful and proactive in partnering with Tanzanian owned and operated accommodations but are always investigating new options. You always have to aim to provide clients with the greatest, freshest locations with the best service and value for money.”


Creating itineraries that suit a group’s interests, priorities, availability and budget is their specialty. Fiona knows firsthand, that when confronted with the expanse and wealth of things to see in Tanzania, a person can be swept away with what is available and end up missing what they really wanted to see.  With each safari having a limited amount of time to work with, each one becomes a tailored expedition, exciting for both guide and group.

“We believe that building a good relationship and communicating openly with our clients enriches the experience for all,” Fiona says, “We are passionate about Tanzania, and our guides are all local professionals with a love of their country and an understanding of what makes a great safari. The more interactive the trip the more enriching for all.

An example of this is how they offer photography lessons pre-safari to show clients how to capture the best images. This sort of attention to detail has also attracted a number of photographers wanting to get into safari-photography.


Clients are advised to check with their doctors regarding immunizations. Further to this, clients are provided with a full detailed list of important requirements including things like travel insurance and sunscreen.


All Around Tanzania Safaris sponsors ten children who go to the Tumaini Private School. Fiona was deeply moved by a visit to an orphanage during her first trip to the country, and as a mother herself she wanted to do her part to help.

Working with Marco she has incorporated sponsoring children to go to school into the business plan of All Around Tanzania Safaris. For more information visit their website.  Visits to the orphanages can be arranged if the client wishes.

ADDRESS: Nji Panda, Karatu, Tanzania

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +61(0)417374744

EMAIL: info@allaroundtanzania.com