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How to Avoid Your City Break Turning Into a Disaster

If you are planning a  city break, you will need to put some measures in place to avoid disasters. From severe weather to the attraction you are visiting being closed for refurbishment, and the hotel you booked turning out to be 2-star instead of 4, there are certain things that can go wrong, even if you are only staying for a few nights. Find out below what you can do to avoid problems and ensure you are able to focus on the experience instead of dealing with disasters.

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Even if you are going on a short break, you will need a travel insurance. Whether you get it as a package with your credit card or bank account, you will need to check before you travel whether the location you have picked is covered. You should also find out where the closest office and agency is in case you need to contact them locally. Just imagine that you suffer an accident and need to contact a lyft accident lawyer but don’t speak the language. You want a helpline to point you in the right direction.

Travel Cards

Instead of carrying cash that will last you for the entire journey, you should store the money on your credit card or your travel card. You might not know the local currency enough, and accidentally pay too much. If you are planning a city break, you are likely to get a travel card for a few days that will give you access to tours, attractions, and the public transport network, too.

Trusted Services

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It is crucial that you book your tours and your hotels, attractions through a trusted site. Whether you are looking to hire a car or get airport transfer, you have to look out for scammers offering you prices that are too low to be believable. Check the reputation of the company online and ask around on local forums.

Hotel Booking Confirmation

There are several problems that can arise during your travels; from the hotel being too noisy, not as described, or simply overbooked, even if you have your booking documents. Even if you get the printable voucher, it might be a good idea to get in touch with the hotel and call the reception a few days before you arrive, and let them know what time you will turn up, and what special requirements you have.

Medical Card

If you have a long term or acute health condition, you will need to take your international medical card with you. However, getting an insurance cover that will pay for your treatments and potential hospitalization abroad is also advisable. Find out more about the cover your health insurance provides you abroad, and carry your medical notes with you, so if you end up at the doctors they will know how to deal with your condition.

A short city break can turn into a disaster if you are not prepared enough. Take precautions, get insurance and medical cover, and check everything is as good as it looks on the booking website.