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Open Up On The Open Road: The Emotional Plans For The Ideal Road Trip


Whether you are looking for the ideal winter break, or you want something that’s cost-effective, a road trip can provide so many adventures. While the idea of the classic road trip may not apply to modern-day settings, we can still learn a lot about the world, and even about ourselves, by getting in the car with a few friends, and hitting the open road, pardon the cliché. But if you want to have the ideal road trip, what is necessary?

Road To Nowhere

Where do you want to go? For many, the idea of following their nose sounds ideal, but as we may be bound by time, we have to account for, not just the beginning and end points of all our desired sites, but is cost-effective too. A Bend to Portland road trip isn’t too long, but it can tick all of the boxes. When giving consideration to the beginning and end of your trip, do a quick check on Google Maps to see if it’s feasible within a specific time period. But if you are not bound by time, then you can get on a road to nowhere. And this will give you that necessary adventurous spirit.

Sound And Vision

It is amazing what a perfectly timed piece of music can do for your road trip. You could be approaching the horizons of Route 66, or scaling down the mountainous terrain in Eastern Europe, the music you put in the car can accentuate the trip and make it more cinematic. Not only this, but you can’t expect to be constantly chattering with your road buddies- music can provide that all-important downtime, as well as motivation for the driver. There are so many perfect playlists for an ideal road trip on Spotify, and they’re not all related to the road, some are very cinematic but can also provide that forward momentum that is so desperately needed when we’re feeling car-lag.

Adventure Of A Lifetime

You can plan your journey to the smallest of details, but when you are on the adventure of a lifetime, in many ways, you’ve got to let your spirit dictate the adventure. An itinerary is all well and good, but is this going to hinder your enjoyment of the open road? It can be somewhat rigid, but you’ve got to find the right balance. The perfect road trip isn’t about getting all the sights in, but it’s about learning how to navigate the elements. While this is a little bit of a romantic notion, the principles of the open road haven’t changed. You can go traveling and discover who you really are, just by hanging out with your closest friends in the closest of quarters.

And while the idea of the open road could be just a way to have some fun with your friends, you can’t underestimate how difficult it can be. The open road can make strong friendships stronger, but it can also show people’s true colors. Everybody’s opinion of the perfect road trip differs, but you should never lose your sense of spirit and adventure.