Interest Pieces Safaris

Paul Zway. The Game Ranger behind the tents.


Continued from Exclusive Tents International Limited.

China has recently legalised the trade of substances like tiger bone and rhino horn for medicinal purposes, and last year the Trump Administration lifted the ban of importation of elephant ivory from Zambia and Zimbabwe. It seems that anti-poaching efforts have been reversed by governments that should know better.

For Paul it is a major concern. His time working as a Game Ranger gave him a very blunt, inside look at the poaching industry and he fears that this may not be a battle that can be easily won.

“You get to see the dark side of human nature and the essence of greed at any cost, even life,” he says, “Illegal ivory and rhino horn move through the same channels used by drug and gun runners so it can get pretty ugly at times and often includes government people, corrupt police and military and even one’s own colleagues.”

Nowadays, there has been a great deal of change in the fight against poaching and illegal hunting. More money is available, better equipment and technology, vehicles, aircraft, drones, personnel training and NGO’s getting involved or funding operations. Yet, when World Power governments are doing the exact opposite of what is needed, it just makes it all even harder.

“It was and is a battle of all proportions,” he says, “And is a complicated problem that doesn’t have a single solution. But if people don’t work together nothing will change until it’s too late and it would be something we will all regret.”