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The Landscape Studio. Landscaping to shape the space we live in.

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The way we see the world is determined by the quality of the space we live in. This is what The Landscape Studio believes. They see a world where landscape design is mutually beneficial for the ecosystem and the people inhabiting it and, in East Africa, they are the ones responsible for creating it.


Registered in Kenya as Chincol Company Limited, The Landscape Studio have since 2013 developed an impressive catalogue of projects around East Africa. Including the planning and design of academic, residential, corporate buildings, parks, streetscape and urban improvement as well as agricultural schemes. In 2018 they registered as members of the Landscape Architecture Chapter of the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK.).


For modern day developers, be it for hotels, residences or glamping sites, there is an ever-increasing need to complement the natural heritage, culture and “style” of a place. Being able to observe the existing conditions, understand the full direction and intention of any project and know how to enhance it, is a defining element of The Landscape Studio.

To create the perfectly balanced outdoor area, they take into consideration the all-important sense of identity that is central to their work. For them, it is critical to be sensitive and work together with the particularities of each project and site.  This includes cultural and historical references and other essential elements. By promoting environmental education and community participation their open and methodical approach allows for responsible designs that suit both the people using these areas and the broader landscape.

They strongly believe that there is beauty in simplicity and that lucid, soft gestures can provide elegant and timeless spaces. This is truly an artform that has been greatly appreciated by a long list of clients.


Investors looking to change the landscape and develop it, need to know that their project is in good hands. Not only in terms of what it will immediately look like once completed but also how it will age and be appreciated by future generations.

An aesthetic landscape that compliments the natural beauty of a place can be immortal but requires an understanding and appreciation for what works in a location. In this regard, The Landscape Studio’s portfolio is a glimpse not into what Kenya looks like today, but what it will look like tomorrow.

The Landscape Studio

ADDRESS: P.O.Box 2012-00502, La Cabane, 30160 Bordezac