Camp Kiosk. Convenient, Management Software

*As seen in The Logbook

Less paperwork is always good. Decreasing paperwork increases efficiency which ultimately improves work flow and offers more time to enjoy what you do. Camp Kiosk has introduced a collaborative campground management system allowing guests and site managers to communicate and interact faster and more accurately. Perfect for busy camping, glamping and boutique accommodations and sites.

Many camping sites are using redundant methods to maintain their books. This means more errors and more time ill-spent in the offices and less time invested in developing camping grounds, exploring new ideas and interacting with guests. Furthermore, the standards of office management are higher than ever with the rise of glamping and luxury camping bringing in an entirely new section of regular campers seeking to enjoy the great outdoors.


Throw away the old ledger with the yellow sticky-notes and the dog-eared pages. You don’t need it anymore because the technology exists to make it simpler and easier. Also, you don’t have to purchase any hardware and you get a free month trial to see if it works for you.

Camp Kiosk offer a number of benefits that you just don’t get with the older systems. Such as secure campground data in the cloud which means you won’t lose your important information and can get access to it from any browser. Also, to keep things fresh with current and new guests and campers you can create unique booking packages and increase the accuracy of fees and billable items.



Camp Kiosk is a useful tool that supports discerning campground and glampsite owners looking to book in guests months in advance or last-minute. The vision of Camp Kiosk is to help manage this process by turning it into a collaborative effort where guests can fill out the forms themselves.  And things are only going to develop further in 2019. The upcoming year is all about interacting with new users to prompt the new developments that will make the biggest changes and the greatest strides for the industry.

It’s a very exciting time.