The Logbook

The Glamping and Safari Logbook. November 2018 Issue.

Feedback for The November Issue of The Logbook:
Gin of MarGins, Walk and Glamp: “Thrilled with the review, thank you very much.we are delighted to be included in such a prestigious magazine.”
Elli Hunt and Nick West, Prop-Sync: “The article looks fantastic. Completely thrilled.” 
Bryan of Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris: You really know how to organise a page, pictures and content are all nice and truly informative.” 

Glamping and Safaris have so much in common. In fact, in many ways Glamping owes its start to the Safari industry which for decades has combined breath taking sites, local knowledge and luxury lodgings to inspire and mesmerise. As these two sectors continue to grow the markets have begun merging into each other. More and more glamping style lodgings are appearing on safaris, and glamping sites are offering more and more tours and expeditions. And in doing so breathing new life and value into local historic sites.

These are also proving to be worthwhile revenue generating machines for people wanting to make use of their passions and their creativity. The infrastructure to support these cottage industries is growing and developing at such a rate that newcomers need to learn how to tread fast and ride that wave.

State-of-the-art businesses like Camp Kiosk bringing new-age technology to camping and glamping sites to open up more time for business owners to enjoy their work. And short-let property owners being presented with incredible innovations in property management thanks to companies like Prop-Sync. And, we have suppliers of geodesic domes and safari tents making use of manufacturing processes and materials so cutting edge they almost sound like science fiction.

For destinations, the opportunity to bring your location to the entranced eyes of millions has never been easier and more accessible. And tours and tour operators have the most amazing tools to reach a world of adventure seekers all from the convenience of a phone.

And it all just takes a little bit of creativity. These are certainly exciting times.

Hope you’re all having a good November.



Donnie Rust

Creative and Editorial Director