The Logbook

The Logbook Issue 4.

Feedback for Issue 4:

Daniel Wiseman, Exhibition Manager of The Glamping Show: “I’m interested in travel! From exciting destinations, new trends, unpolished gems, latest tips, cool and possibly uncool or shared ideas…..check out The Lost Executive.”

Martin Weaver, Operations Director ASTECtherm: “Donnie and his team create a superb publication.  In the past I have sometimes found it time consuming to put together media articles but with the Lost Executive the whole experience was made as simple as possible and we were delighted with the results.  Definitely a publication that we would look to be involved with again in the future.”

This month we featured the most adventurous businesses and people who are combining adrenaline with sublime sightseeing.

We also highlighted the suppliers behind the glamping industry including an interview with the operators of the Glamping Show. We looked at how the ASSC is protecting the Scottish self-catering industry and we touched on some of the best places to travel to during your winter break.

We interviewed the woman behind the smooth running of South Africa’s busiest airport and some of the biggest names in travel. We even looked at how Dublin is celebrating their beloved son of Halloween during the Bram Stoker Festival later this month.

Why? Because it is what we love doing.

Speaking of things that we love doing, did you know that the team behind The Lost Executive and The Logbook are mostly digital nomads? Including myself, we have forsaken the office life and chosen to spend our time travelling and seeing what this glorious world has to offer. We are proving, every month that you don’t need to be office based to run a successful business and that indeed, the freer you are the better your work can be.

If you are a digital nomad and would like to get in touch to see what we’re doing and how to be involved. Drop us a line.