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Rotunda Roundhouses. Reinventing modular eco-buildings

*As seen in The Logbook Issue 4.

The Rotunda is a modular eco-building, very popular for school rooms, garden homes and glamping sites. Manufactured in the North West of England The Rotunda is distributed in pre-fabricated panels to destinations and assembled onsite by the company’s joinery team. They will even do the paint job.

Each Rotunda is weather proof and supplied with argon filled double glazed windows, damp-proof membranes and full mains electrics as well as interior and exterior finishes as part of the package.  Each and every building is bespoke dependent on the finishes chosen.


Gemma Roe created her first Rotunda in 2011 while pregnant with her first child. With a background in spatial design Gemma wanted to create a truly sustainable structure that would enhance human well-being.  It also offered an inspiring alternative to the generic modular boxes available on the market at the time. Drawing on inspiration from the curves in nature and the Neolithic and Iron Age Roundhouses the buildings have proved to be a hit with glamping site owners across the UK and Europe.


Each Rotunda has a highly recognizable Mandala on the door, which is the company’s symbol and an emblem representing their quality and authenticity. Each of their buildings has one and it has become a symbol of their promise of quality.

The Rotunda Roundhouses can also include kitchen and bathroom units. These are designed ahead of time and keep with the circular, curving feel of the building, radiating outwards in an arc. Additionally, the majority of their clients opt for a veranda to enhance the entryway and to provide a shelter for outdoor seating or storage.

Timber-framed Rotunda buildings are installed in various sizes; from the small (2 person) 4m diameter garden office to a 12m diameter educational building.    These buildings can be extended, connected and configured to create an almost infinite number of unique configurations; perfectly suited to the client’s particular project and lifestyle.


Rotunda garden rooms do not usually require planning permission unless they are used as accommodation. Visit Rotunda’s website for frequently asked questions and advice.


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