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Millie’s Yurts. Yurt Manufacturer. The joy of getting stuck in.

Emily Gainsford, founder of Millie’s Yurts, is deeply in love with glamping and what she does to contribute to this ever growing and diversifying industry. Beginning her yurt production in 2012, in 2017 her business became a limited company and now her yurt building team is up to five people and she adores every second of it.


“I spent a very special year of my life living in a yurt,” Emily explains, “And it pleases me that through glamping such an experience can be shared with people from all walks of life.”

Seen: Emily at work.

She believes that glamping has a positive impact on the mental state of people and this is part of why the industry is so popular with adults and with children. Yurt time can give people peace from smart phones and quality time with the people they love. Toasting marshmallows on the fire, sleeping in the round, looking up at the stars through the crown can all be wonderful experiences whether you are with your family or alone.

She says, “Glamping provides a great opportunity to reset. To talk and reconnect. To breathe. And as a yurt is completely round and was historically used for family shelters it encourages people to communicate.”


Emily is a craftswoman who loves the process of yurt making, from creating the frame through steam bending and sanding the poles, to sewing the covers and assembly.

It takes 2-3 months to complete a build from order to delivery, but this does depend on what is required and how long the waiting list is. On-site assessments are used to determine the best parameters to work with and a lot of communication happens between client and Emily prior to starting, and throughout.

The yurts vary in size from 14 ft to 22 ft in diameter, and the floors can be made out of plywood, softwood or hardwood. The insulation is 100% recycled sheep wool and the liner is made from a 6 oz cotton which is fire proofed.

“One of our unique aspects is that we make solid oak doors with hand forged hinges,” Emily says, “Quality is at the heart of everything we do. To achieve this, we combine the best materials with experienced craftsmanship and passion.”

Their signature sand and green covers blend into the natural landscape and the big yurt crown (found at the top of the yurt), lets the sunlight bound in and bounces off the soft white liner giving the space a sense of elegance.


They also install burners.

15 Year warranty is provided on frames.

Fixed or bespoke maintenance services offered.

Rental yurts are available for “pop up glamping” allowing newcomers to the industry to lower the cost of set up. This can be set up on a profit share or  rental basis.


For a yurt with a solid oak door and wooden floor: £7500 (Approx for 18 ft)

ADDRESS: Walnut Farm, Melplash, Dorset DT6 3UG