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ASTECtherm. Indoor Heating. Finally, an energy efficient solution.

*As seen in The Logbook. Issue 4.

Recently exhibiting at The Glamping Show, ASTECtherm demonstrated conclusively that indoor heating has really been taken up a notch. In Europe and especially in the UK, glamping sites may or may not be able to open during the winter due to their heating. Traditional indoor heating can prove to be too costly to install, and in some cases too hazardous as well. It is within this niche that ASTECtherm has set itself.

Head of Operations Martin Weaver says, “ASTECtherm is the ideal heating system to provide year-round heating. Because it’s very energy and space efficient it’s perfect for glamping pods and garden rooms.”


So how does it work? Martin explains that it was originally designed as a low-energy solution for heating houses. The revolutionary infrared radiant heating system runs on extra-low voltage electrical current, making it very economical and safe to use.  Once installed, ASTECtherm heating systems are concealed within the fabric of the building allowing for greater wall space and a premium quality interior finish.  ASTECtherm heating films can be installed underfloor or plastered into the ceiling or walls, depending on your requirements.

“ASTECtherm works by emitting FAR-infrared which directly heats the people and surfaces within the room,” Martin reveals, “While most conventional heating systems heat the air.  This isn’t an efficient way of heating as it creates a lot of wasted heat which directly impacts the wallet.”


Efficiency, this is a low-energy radiant heating system that uses infrared technology to directly heat up people and objects instead of the air, the heating material is a patented nanofiber fleece which is highly efficient at transferring electricity directly into heat. This means less money spent on running costs.

Space and safety, it’s unobtrusive and easily concealed and operates at a low surface temperature. It also creates minimal movement of allergens in the air and reduces condensation and mildew.

Convenience, low maintenance. Unlike conventional heating which can become unreliable if overused, ASTECtherm is low maintenance .


ASTECtherm, 124 Trinity Street, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 1JD

TELEPHONE:  (+44) 0333 577 2455