The Logbook

The Bootprints Logbook. Issue 3.

We’ve always tried to do good works. At TLE it is important to all of us, that while we are a business we also do something worthwhile. This month it is highlighting one of the biggest players in protecting the natural habitats of the source of mankind. The tourism industry is a business that relies solely on foot traffic. Cars, planes, trains and boats may bring people to a country, but it is the number of feet hitting the ground that counts.  Africa has a lot to give its tourism industry, too much in fact for just one issue of a magazine.

We chose hospitality and safaris for a reason.

Hospitality because it is one of the industry sectors that still rely on that personal touch so they’re not firing hundreds of people like some industries. And Safaris because the safari industry and every single business involved in it from the tour guides and tour operators, to the lodges and lodge suppliers, has a tremendous role to play in the future of Africa’s wildlife heritage.

As we’ve highlighted in the pages that follow, the very element of Africa that we all associate with the continent, it’s natural and cultural heritage, seems to be threatened from all corners at the moment. Environmental change, political flux and foreign “super powers” are seemingly doing their best to play the role of a Captain Planet villain and are stretching the available resources protecting this deceivingly fragile world.


It’s time to tick Africa off your bucket-list. It is time to treat yourself to a safari. First and foremost because it will, unequivocally, change your life and give you a memory that you will be speaking about forever.  Secondly, because the ripple effects that such a decision will have on the environment are significant and long felt.

Your trip to Africa may include a stay in one of the luxurious Airbnbs available, with perhaps a jaunt at one of the country’s world-famous casinos. All of these are worth it and help keep local people employed. Then your safari adventure will take you away from the cities and you will see the importance of what you are helping to protect.

Yes. You can actually change the world by indulging yourself in the most luxurious safaris and African stays. So, go on, get that bucket list out. Africa is waiting.