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UK Agricultural Finance. Glampifying your land?

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UK Agricultural Finance is a specialist business lender to the agricultural sector and offers traditional, responsible lending to farmers throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

The company was formed to meet the demand from farmers for short and medium-term lending after the financial crisis of 2008.  This is an area that requires specialist knowledge and a lender with the time to perform traditional face to face underwriting.

Their team knows rural property and rural businesses, the driving factors behind the industry and the many challenges that are faced. But they also recognize the appeal and the importance of this sector.  More importantly, they understand lending against agricultural land for enterprises where a ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work. To help them, they pride themselves on working with the leading experts in agricultural valuation, security, restructuring and insolvency to assist in risk management and underwriting to ensure swift informed and fair decisions.

They are a principal lender and will always act with integrity and deliver on time, every time.  Their approach is pragmatic and flexible, and farmers can talk directly to the lending decision makers, who provide quick and fair decisions that give farmers access to finance to diversify, sustain, grow and improve their businesses.


UK Agricultural Finance provides a range of non-regulated loans secured against agricultural land and property across England, Scotland and Wales, offering loans from £100,000 to £10m, with terms from one to seven years and a maximum LTV of 65%.

UK Agricultural Finance is an enthusiastic supporter of farm diversification and is experienced in providing farmers access to capital to diversify, sustain, grow and improve their businesses.


Main office is in Kent


T:       01732 252 399



A:       Great Hollanden Business Centre, Mill Lane, Underriver, Kent, TN15 0SQ