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Ctents. Spanish tent manufacturing hitting new levels.

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The tent concept has barely evolved since the roman era but this has changed. Ctents have used their extensive experience and knowledge to develop a new concept of tent with the objective of user comfort and reliability.  This is a new step for the standard of glamping tents.


Ctents have been proven for over 45,000 hours outdoors, between 40ºC and -10 ºC, with rain, wind storms, hail and snow. They have proved to be durable enough to provide luxurious standards of comfort no matter what the weather or season.

Ctents is the luxury glamping tents brand of E.Rebull, S.A., founded in 1983. Calling upon time spent working with the Spanish Red Cross, Civil Defense, AECID and UME, they have capitalized on their huge experience in use of tents worldwide in the most demanding conditions and developed Ctents as the result.


Main advantages to their customer market are: wide inner surface and luminosity, thermal isolation, a removal of all obstacles inside or around the tent; long lasting durability, waterproofing and an above average robustness under adverse weather conditions.


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Valdemorillo, Madrid, Spain.


+34 633 214 234

Avda. de las Flores, 38

Urbanización el Paraíso

28210 Valdemorillo

Madrid, Spain