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10 Places in Malta to Watch the World Go By.

Malta is a gorgeous island filled with hidden history, blessed by wonderful weather and surrounded by beautiful aquamarine oceans. There is a lot to see here but sometimes you just want a place where you can stop, relax and watch the world go by. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Ten places in Malta to stop and watch the world go by, as seen in the July issue of The Travel Logbook Malta.

Gyros and Churros.


Image Credit: Ashley Douglas.

This was actually our introduction to food in Malta and was one of the first places we visited. A slick stylish café/restaurant that contrasts with the surrounding buildings with its punchy design.  It’s perfectly suited with being only a short walk from Msida Marina, and offers a hang-out area upstairs with pool tables and beanbags.


The ground floor and second floor offer wide tables and seating. Upstairs is better for doing work though as it is usually quieter during the day and there are plug sockets for charging which are UK plugs. The table seating downstairs is more for people waiting for their food and so you get a lot of disruption if you’re trying to concentrate and get work done.

There is also a couple of swings outside if you want your food on the go and want to wait outside.


Upon ordering your food you’re given a puck shaped buzzer, which vibrates when your food is ready. There isn’t table service available but I found that I was able to leave my stuff upstairs if it was empty and run down as there is only one entrance to the bottom floor.


All the gyros and churros are made fresh in the kitchen which is next to the service counter so you can see your food being made if you like. The Gyros, ranging from The Boss Gyro to the Pizza and even the Burger Gyro, are loaded with ingredients. The gyros can get very messy if you’re not careful so whenever I was working I would order one of their salads that would have more food than I could manage but were considerably tidier to eat (although in no way am I saying that a messy gyro wasn’t absolutely delicious. You should definitely try one.)



Visit Caffe Cordina if for no other reason than to bask in the sheer opulence of it’s style. Founded in 1837, Caffe Cordina has a long and prestigious history. What started as a small family outlet in Bormla, that specialised in baking and preparation of Maltese sweet delicacies, which is something Caffe Cordina is still famous for. In 1944, the coffee shop was relocated to Valletta by the late Mr. Cesafe Cordina, forefather of the present family. He gradually enlarged the establishment resulting in the stunning caffe that now serves Valletta it’s sweet treats and amazing coffee.


Caffe Cordina has established itself as one of the most reputable coffee shops in Malta. Something that attest is thanks to their continuous search for quality and their insistence on great customer service.

The food is incredible here and well worth the somewhat expensive prices and the coffee is also, quite fantastic.


Caffe Cordina has been for forty years involved in its own catering business and have created a product line of Maltese delicacies covering gourmet products and sweets. Still made in the traditional way, these are available for takeaway at selected outlets throughout Malta and Gozo as well as at the Malta International Airport.

Wifi: yes. But not great.
Languages: Maltese and English
Contact: 356 2065 0400
Address: 244, Republic Street
Valletta, Malta VLT 1114



Just because 67 Kapitali’s name is the same as it’s address doesn’t mean this cafe/ bar is lacking in creativity.


Suitable for working during the day, with some charging locations. The atmosphere here is very subtle and comfortable. 67 Kapitali considers itself as a  humble, family-run spot. The owners love hearty meals and smooth craft beer, especially when consumed in Valletta. It can be reserved for events or meetings by visiting their website.


While it may seem like they offer the standard café foodstuffs of sandwiches, salads, soups and platters, their ingredients, creativity, and portions make 67 Kapitali one of the tastiest cafes in Valletta. Many of the ingredients are sourced locally and these include olive oil, capers, bread and meats.


Craft beer is defined as being non-traditional or made in a non-mechanised brewery and 67 Kapitali have one of the widest selections of craft beer in Malta, including eight local beers on draft and their own specialty brew. They also get creative with the rest of their drinks menus which offer a variety of espresso, teas and organic sodas. The coffee is something to experience.

Wifi: Unlimited
Languages: English and Maltese
Contact: 356 27380010
Address: 67 Old Bakery Street, Valletta, Malta



Image Credit: Giorgios.

Wow. The first thing you see when you walk into Giorgios is the view. Fantastic use of floor to ceiling windows give it one of the all-time great views of Sliema. An old coffee house that many generations in Malta have enjoyed they serve great coffee and an updated menu which all can be enjoyed inside or outside while watching Malta and thinking how wonderful the world is.


As a coffee house office, it works because of the spectacular views you can enjoy. Great if you’re doing creative work that requires inspiration. But if you’re on a laptop that amount of sunlight can actually cause a glare on the screen. Also it can get busy and there aren’t that many charging points around.

Our suggestion, leave the laptop close, put the phone off, sit back and just soak up the view.

WIFI: Decent. Could be better.
LANGUAGES: English and Maltese
CONTACT: 356 2134 2456
ADDRESS: 17, Tigne Seafront Sliema, Malta




Fresh, seasonal and homemade.

Malta makes full use of sitting outside where they can make full use of all the things they love. Sunshine, good, generous food and great coffee. Mint is just like this. Reasonably priced, situated in a good location for views. It’s a great place to get a decent coffee and chill.

The concept behind Mint is derived from the typical New Zealand style café. Beautifully displayed cabinets offering tempting food, all in a relaxed atmosphere of counter order, sit down service. Service is top notch. Cafe manager, Kerry has been working in the hospitality industry for many years and together with the rest of the team strives to ensure our customer service is the best on the island.

Smoothies, fresh food, great coffee and treats are all able to be taken away on the hoof as well.


You could use your laptop inside or out. Conduct business meetings with colleagues, have a lunch with a friend. Particularly nice if you’re writing a novel about a spy who ventures to the Mediterannean, just saying.

Not many charging points so make sure you’ve got a full battery.

WIFI: pretty good. Even outside.
LANGUAGES: English and Maltese
CONTACT: 356 2133 7177
ADDRESS: 30/39 Luzio Junction/ Stella Maris Street



Image Credit: The Brew.

The Brew has become one of the leading craft brewers on the Maltese Islands. Set up in the heart of The Strand Sliema Ferries, this unique and innovative outlet produces a variety of freshly in-house brewed beers. The Brew boasts of having different variants of crafted beers. Furthermore, The Brew takes extreme pride in having its very own kitchen, celebrating food that pair’s perfectly with the incredible range and versatility of beer.


A selection of delicious and fantastically prepared meals of a variety of cuisineses mostly revolving around pub food. And fantastic craft beer.

Worth reserving ahead of time.

LANGUAGES: Maltese and English
CONTACT: 356 2703 0398
ADDRESS: Sliema, Malta 74, The Stand

Masons Bistro


Image Credit: Masons Bistro


Totally found this place by chance while setting up a meeting for one of our sponsors of The Logbook and immediately fell for it. Simple set up, a kitchen, and a covered table area on the Sliema stripe near Surfside. The food is great, the drinks are generous and the staff are very attentive.


Simple. This is literally a bistro. I didn’t find any toilets or those sorts of facilities while I was there. But the view of the ocean is wonderful.


The Maltese cuisine here is so well known people travel across the entire island for a meal. The staff are always conscientious about the heat as well and will regularly ask if you’d like water.

Wifi: yes.
Languages: English and Maltese
Contact: 356 27 202 734



Image Credit: Dragana Rankovic

Originally stables, the Hole In The Wall Pub, has a history of over 90 years of development and growth under various loving owners. Starting out as literally a hole in the wall serving take-away wine from giant vats, it has grown and changed hands many times and has become one of those popular word-of-mouth places and a much loved location in Sliema.

With an honesty about it that draws newcomers into it and turns them into regulars The Hole in The Wall Pub is beautiful and homely and wonderful.


Offering coffee, drinks and eats you can spend you time chilling out here inside or on the few tables and chats outside. Very reasonably priced and quickly filled it is a good location to meet locals and have a good time.

Image Credit: Dragana Rankovic
Wifi: yes
Languages: English and Maltese
Contact: 00356 99834378
Address: 31 High Street, Sliema SLM1549, Malta



Image Credit: Stazzjon

People rave about this place online. Quiet, scenic and attentive to tastes and preferrences of guests. The reviews and recommendations for Stazzjon come from as many happy vegans and vegetarians as meat lovers.

A fine example of how to listen to what customers are saying, the Facebook group for this restaurant/café are littered with mini conversations between customers and staff. Thanks to this not only is this a café where the food and coffee is superb but the staff are well aware of those few “under stated” requirements of regular and new customers.

Good for take out, walk ins, sit downs, food, coffees and big meals this is a very nice place working very hard to create something new.


Charging points are a bit difficult to come by and those that are available are usually being used for people’s phones. But there are plenty of tables and chairs to use. Also, the location is quiet so not many distractions.

That being said, people do come here for big luncheons and meals so it can also get quite rowdy and this can get distracting.

WIFI : yes
LANGUAGES: English and Maltese
CONTACT: 356 2145 1984
ADDRESS: riq ghajn hammam (1,322.82 mi)
Rabat, Malta MDN 9070

café del Mar

Offering stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and St Paul’s island, Café del Mar is fast establishing itself as the place to be. Forming part of the Malta National Aquarium complex, Café del Mar is the ideal place to relax, have a swim and enjoy a drink from our variety of cocktails. You can also have a meal with an unmistakable and delightful Mediterranean flavour.

Designed by one of Malta’s foremost designers, Mark Pace, Café del Mar sits magnificently at the water’s edge. The design is all about the sea and Mediterranean sunsets. The infinity pool reaches out into the clear blue waters. The seating area and pool deck have unobstructed panoramic views of the sea. The design is simple, pre- dominantly white to fully compliment the natural beauty of the surroundings. The central idea of the design is simple, it allures you to sit and admire the views against a backdrop of ambient and chill out music, synonymous with Café del Mar. Café del Mar is hugely famous around the world for its chill-out compilation albums which have been released annually since 1994, pioneering the chill-out genre. Special guest DJs will entertain our guests whilst enjoying the surroundings

CONTACT: 356 2258 8144
ADDRESS: Café del Mar
c/o Malta National Aquarium
Triq it-Trunciera
Saint Pauls Bay
Qawra, Malta