The Logbook

The Travel Logbook Issue One: Malta.

An introduction to Malta.

Long walks along the many marinas. Floating in the cool, salty waters of the Mediterranean, small villages crammed with history, an unbridled passion for life and a necessity for “Chill.”  Welcome to Malta.

For us, Malta was a perfect location for our debut issue of our quarterly publication, The Lost Executive Logbook. Or as it’ll be coined, Travel Logbook. Each quarter we focus on a unique country and what it has to offer. This month, we looked at this small, Mediterranean island which proved to be the perfect destination to focus on as our debut. It’s fierce expansion into the igaming industry set it apart from other countries in Europe and paved the roads that became so useful with its growth in cryptocurrency and blockchain. The country is set to become a global hub for all things to do with the growth of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. This has meant an influx of skilled labour, money and expectations of this island.

This makes Malta a place to be, with a palatable buzz around the business sectors. Beyond this, Malta is also one of the most devoutly catholic countries in the world with every village having its own patron saint which is still heavily celebrated. Beautiful historic architecture, ancient temples and places of interest abound.

Malta’s history of tourism dates back to 4000 BC and the island, thanks to its central location in the Mediterranean, has played host to everyone from the Phoenicians, The Roman Republic, The Byzantines, then the Aghlabids and even the Normans before finally becoming a point of tactical interest for the British in the Second World War. At which point the Axis Powers did their best to sink the island. This one island was bombed more than any other location in the world during the Second World War.

Our first debut magazine offers onsite reviews of this unique island. Looking at things such as hospitality, restaurants, coffee houses and bars as well as the introduction of our Logbook Task game.


The LogbookTask game, is an opportunity for everyone to win travel related prizes for simply visiting locations in our game tasks. Using Instagram, follow the task instructions, use the hashtags, geotag yourself and hit post. Then, at our yearly event, we will randomly select one of the images from Instagram and as long as that person has played the game properly, you’ll win the trip. Enjoy and get playing.