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Gamifying Travel. The Lost Executive Logbook Malta.

So, you may have heard that we are launching our first Lost Executive Logbook. It’s good to be “in the know” isn’t it?

Well, I’m happy to inform you that we are not only launching our first Logbook, which is an interactive travel tour book focussed on the fantastic Mediterranean island of Malta, we are also revolutionizing the way you travel for business and pleasure. Let me tell you how.


  1. Onsite Reviews. I spent a month in Malta visiting destinations, speaking with local businesses, wandering through the various cities and allowing myself to fall in love with this beautiful and unique island and all the opportunities it has to offer.
  2. The Lost Executive Standard. As it would suggest, many of our readers are business owners and executives. We have a certain standard that each of our reviews have to hit before they can appear in our logbook.
  3. Quarterly release. First one in July 2018.
  4. Gamification of Travel. By far the most exciting USP we are gamifying travel with a series of “Logbook Tasks” appearing at the foot of every review. Follow the rules, complete all the tasks and get a prize. Prizes include holidays, cash, gadgets and other goodies. Not bad for a free game.


Over the past year The Lost Executives have investigated many countries and cities in the hope of finding the right one for our Logbook. We spent time in Amsterdam, Paris, Cologne, Budapest, Cape Town and even London looking for that “right place.” We chose Malta for a number of reasons.

It’s is an island that has a long, diverse and interesting history. Some of the oldest buildings known to man are found in Malta. It has a booming economy not only in the flourishing tourism trade but especially in the e-gaming community which has vamped up the economy and is attracting huge floods of professional tourists.

The island has some of the most stunning coastline, the most relaxed and easy-going buzz and is a great place to find a balance between work and leisure. The food and drink are affordable and the island is small enough to pack in adventure and leisure within a fortnight. It is the perfect venue for our first Logbook.


The Logbook Tasks can be found at the bottom of each of the review pages and are simply a number of tasks that will need to be completed. The rules are simple:

  1. Join the Game.
  2. Complete each task completely.
  3. Post each task online with the appropriate hashtags.
  4. First three to complete all the tasks will stand to win prizes and become official Lost Executives.

*the game starts from the 16th July 2018. 


You. People like you. Professionals that travel for work. Be that business owners of huge conglomerates or digital nomads running their own blog and making it on their own. If you travel, you will benefit from our Logbook series, not only in Malta, but in the other cities across the globe that we are currently exploring to bring you the very best in travel reviews. Whether you’re travelling for holiday or for work, we aim to make it unique and memorable.

You will be in good company as well. Over the past year The Lost Executive have worked tirelessly, networking, communicating and growing our readership from a handful of readers when we started (Thanks Mom and Dad), to over 70,000 media professionals using our reviews to help them while they travel. Over and above this is a corporate readership comprised of thousands of global business professionals.

Additionally, we have over 200 locations across the UK and Europe distributing our print copies of the books so if you haven’t charged your smart device you could always pick up a copy from one of these locations.

Of course, anyone interested in an adventure. We don’t judge, our Logbook is available to everyone including backpackers, wanderers, students, photographers, chefs, food critics, lovers of sunsets and sunrises, surfers, swimmers and anyone and everyone else. Everyone can join in and playing the game is free to all. You just need to sign up and follow the rules.


We’ve had such a good response already from our Logbook Malta that we are busy collating and building content for a range of titles in a host of different areas to make sure we touch on all the various ways to travel. I’m excited that most of 2019 will see me spending as much time in hotel rooms looking over rooftop views as sleeping in a tent and dancing in front of a stage.


Monday 16th July 2018 will see “The Lost Executive Logbook Malta” launched in all its glory across all digital platforms and in print.

Not only will you be able to get the book in print like a normal Magazine, you will also be able to access it via your Kindle, on your tablet device, phone or laptop. This is an all access travel guide game changer.


All businesses are welcome to get in touch. We have advertising opportunities, content opportunities and distribution opportunities. Maybe you want to be involved in the game  and have something unique to offer?

 Drop us a line.


Donnie Rust

Editor and Creative Director


Vision Tribe 

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