Coffee Health and Wellbeing

Finally A Coffee To Help Training.

Preparation prior to training is as important as the training itself. Caffeine is a widely accepted natural booster for most exercises lasting over twenty minutes, however, in most pre-workout drinks, synthetic variations are commonly used over naturally-occurring caffeine.

Yes, there is now a coffee that boosts your ability to perform in the gym! Rejoice!

The Energy Blend, the new vitamin coffee, offers the ideal pre-workout amount of natural caffeine (the caffeine in the coffee with n extra natural boost) in a drink that tastes good, without chemical flavourings or sugar. It also has such pre-workout benefits as added B Vitamins and 100% RDA of ‘best for work out’ minerals such as zinc, magnesium and iron.

Vitamin Coffee The Energy Blend was inspired by founder Bryn Ray’s experience as a fitness professional.

“As an ex-professional body builder, I spent an awful lot of time in gyms and fitness settings, however, my passion for fitness went far beyond lifting weights. Everywhere I looked I was surrounded by various fitness supplements and I wanted to be well-informed as to what I was putting into my body to fuel my workouts. I took it upon myself to improve my knowledge around nutrition as I wanted to feel and perform at my very best, both physically and mentally; that’s where coffee came in. I started developing my own vitamin-enhanced natural coffee that I could enjoy prior to workouts. Vitamin Coffee and in particular, the Energy blend, grew from there. I found that there was a demand for something new in the market that had a much superior user experience in terms of taste and results”.

The Energy Blend contains natural caffeine, with added natural caffeine extracted from coffee and B Vitamins, which help your body utilise food as energy and assist with muscle contractions. It also includes 100% of your RDA for zinc, magnesium and iron to help fight tiredness, stress and fatigue. Because caffeine before exercise is a good fat burner, Vitamin Coffee The Energy Blend will also help you achieve fat loss goals.

This marks a massive step in the coffee industry as it neatly bridges the gap between leisure and training coffee, hopefully reducing the ‘guilty pleasure’ side of drinking too much of either.