10 Handy Innovations That Every Businesswoman Needs in 2018

Before I get started, let me just say that this is in no way a sexist article, but with so many fantastic tech and fashion developments, it’s no wonder that a few have been specifically designed with women in mind. After all, with more and more women entering the boardroom and taking top jobs, it makes sense to utilise useful gadgets and items that maximise efficiency and seek to add a little more pizazz into professional life. And guess what? None of them are pink!

The following are my pick of the best gadgets that have been designed with professional women in mind.

1. Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker.

Price: £130
Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker | Silver

Giving real-time health data, the Bellabeat has been designed to function as well as it looks. With a pedometer, sleep-pattern monitoring system and menstrual cycle overview all built in, this is a great investment for anyone that has been guilty of overlooking their personal wellbeing while ascending the career ladder. An added bonus is that stress management is also possible, with guided breathing exercises offering holistic health autonomy. It can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or simply clipped onto clothing.

2. Bang & Olufson H9i Wireless Headphones.

Price: £449

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For days when you want to shut the office door and get on with some work, uninterrupted, these stylish wireless headphones are ideal. Offering advanced external noise cancellation and 18 hours of playtime, these are the crème de la crème for executives that like the finer things in life, plus, you’ll never have to worry about cables getting tangled in your hair or lipstick. Perfection!

3. Otomoll USB-Charging Anti-Theft Rucksack.

Price: £67

Otomoll Popular 15.6Inch Laptop Backpack Men Women Business Anti Theft Backpack Usb Charging High Capacity Polyesters Travel Backpacks School Bag

With lashings of internal space for all manner of laptops, tablets, gym equipment and other day-to-day essentials, the Otomoll backpack is amazing for any businesswoman on the go that doesn’t want to negate tech-savvy innovations in favour of a small and impractical handbag. Lightweight, anti-tear and beautifully neutral in colour, we love the on-the-go charging function, as well as the extensive laptop padding.

4.Wacom Intuos Photo Pen Tablet.

£80Wacom Intuos Photo Pen Tablet in Black (Size: S) / Small Graphic Tablet incl. Macphun Creative Kit, Corel PaintShop & AfterShot Software Download & Wacom Intuos Pen / Compatible with Windows & Apple

Compatible with Windows and mac operating systems, the Wacom tablet is fantastic for creative executives that like to add extra touches to presentation materials to make them really stand out. Women tend to be a little more emotive, which is a terrific element to bring into professional presentations and this tablet will make annotating images and animating graphics a doddle. The small size means that it is exceptionally portable and can be squeezed into a handbag.

5. Nokia Steel Hybrid Watch.


Withings Activité Steel – Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch

Talk about the best of both worlds! You get the classic aesthetic of an analogue wristwatch but with a few valuable extras, such as health tracking and automatic synchronisation. As an added bonus, it has an 8-month battery life, with no charging necessary. Available in a number of colour schemes, but the rose gold is my favourite.

6.Raden a22 Cabin Suitcase.


Buy the Raden a22, here.

Changing the way business professionals travel forever, the Raden a22 suitcase is chock-full of incredible features, all encased in a hard shell. How would you feel if we told you that this suitcase offers proximity alerts, sent straight to your phone, when entering the baggage carousel? Or an in-built scale to warn you when you are nearing the weight limit? The Raden a22 has all this and even the ability to charge your phone too. Plus, did you notice the lack of pink and or floral motifs? That’s what makes it perfect for a businesswoman that wants to be taken seriously!


7. Sweaty Betty Merino Workout Gear.

From £115

Check out the range, here.

Whether you like to use your commute to get in some exercise or you hut the gym/yoga studio after a long day, merino workout gear should be at the top of your list! Fantastically quick drying and brilliant at wicking away sweat, you can rest easy that by the end of your day, everything will be dry and ready to wear. Sweaty Betty has a terrific variety of styles and have numerous offerings that are suitable for vegans, who don’t wear wool.


8. Pranamat Eco Massage Mat and Pillow.


Buy the mat, here.

A firm favourite with yoga enthusiasts and back-pain sufferers, the Pranamat massage set is an incredible addition to the office of any businesswoman. Small enough to fit on a desk chair, the hard lotus-shaped embellishments on the mat hit a number of recognised acupressure points to stimulate focus, concentration and loosen tired muscles too. The mat and pillow can even be taken in your luggage, allowing any professional to arrive at a destination with a ready-to-use relaxation tool. We’ve tried and tested this set and while it does take a little getting used to, we wouldn’t be without it now! Trust us when we say that it feels incredible and that your back will thank you!


9. Glowstone Smart Mug.


Shop the mugs, here.

Is there anything worse than sitting down at your desk with the first coffee of the working day, only for the phone to ring? You answer and talk for what feels like forever and by the time you’re ready to take a sip of your concentration fuel, it’s stone cold and you’re in a bad mood that will last the entire day. Well, with the Glowstone Smart Mug, your hot drink stays steaming for as long as you want it to. Fully automatic, dishwasher safe and easy to charge, it’s made in England and looks wonderful, thanks to being made from elegant bone china. There’s a fantastic range of styles to choose from too, in case this limited edition honeycomb design isn’t for you.

10. Rogogo Personal Safety Alarm.


Rogogo Personal Safety Alarm System Kit 120dB SOS Emergency Pager Security Alarm Keyring for Outdoor Runners Senior Accident Monitors Pink

Personal safety shouldn’t be a consideration for anyone, but if you’ve climbed the corporate ladder, there’s a good chance that you’ve had to commit to some after-hours working and that increases the risk of unpleasant encounters as you walk to your car in the evening. In the interests of full disclosure, yes, this alarm IS available in pink, but in a chic gold finish, we think it disguises the function beautifully. Complete with a torch, this alarm is great for anyone that is at risk of after-dark transitions.


F equals women on the rise Jumper.


Buy the jumper, here.

Perfect for casual Fridays, this jumper really makes the point, while keeping you warm and demonstrating that you have a good sense of humour too. There’s nothing funny about striving for equality, but this jumper is a wonderful conversation opener and helps you to wear your ethics on your, very professional, sleeve.