A Review of Nick F. Hawkins’s “Woke Up On the Wrong Side of The Universe.”

Trendy and poetic are two words that seldom go together today. In the world of gaudy fashion and disposable talents, it’s refreshing to come across a poet who is not only unafraid to open a window into his mind but also welcome everyone inside.

I won’t lie; I am not the most poetic person and it takes a lot for me to enjoy verse but Nick F Hawkins double poem over poem approach was an interesting method that worked the right parts of my brain. Not only was I entranced by the poems themselves, but by paying attention to the highlighted words, I also began searching for the hidden message.

Nick F. Hawkins

It is the use of steganography in the work that really opens the mind and challenges all preconceptions about poetry, as you can see here:

Nation Under Fire

This place is covered in fire

Pure judgment is rare

The cause of this hatred cipher,

Burning from an antiquateddesire

What happened to this land

When did our passion retire

This wasn’t part of the plan

I can feel the flames squeezing us tighter

No way out of this blazing trance

What was once a nation under God

Is now a nation under fire and flames

Thoroughly enjoyable, this poem had me considering every line with a deep intensity that I could have never predicted. I wasn’t a fan of poetry, until now.

Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Universe: A Collection Of Poetry And Prose