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#Howtheytravel. Exclusive interview with Scott Warner. CEO of Gigg.

Serial entrepreneur, iconic leader and the definition of a go-getter, Scott Warner’s portfolio of successes stretches across a range of businesses and are outlined by the positive and lasting effect he has on the landscape of people’s lives. Passionate about building innovative and profitable companies, the CEO of Gigg, a company set up to help brands understand and leverage the power of their social media, has a deep love for music and entertainment and has made a name for himself by opening many doors for artists and talented people.

Always well dressed, engaging and funny, we had to catch Scott Warner for an interview.

You’re a man who goes for what he believes in. Tell us how Gigg has evolved.

Gigg Inc was originally created to open doors for aspiring artists through the company’s social media platform. However, we realised that the Gigg feature set offered valuable solutions to businesses, so currently, we have 50 businesses on the platform using it.

So it is no longer about music?

Music is the reason I started Gigg. My love of music and entertainment will never die! We have some incredibly exciting music projects in the works for 2018. Keep an eye out for AudioBooth and the Professor Of Rock. Gigg also has a talent discovery medium called CONTENDR and we continue to provide musicians with the chance to be seen and heard on a global scale. We are close to launching our 6th annual Stadium of Fire competition. Here, artists from all over the world submit videos to to compete for a chance to perform live in front of 50,000 at the biggest 4th of July Stadium event in America. Headliners have included artists like Tim McGraw, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Miley Cyrus. We are working on this year’s headliner now. I am also a partner in Hollow Horse, an entertainment production company. I’ve partner with Patrick Leonard, a legendary songwriter and producer, who has written and produced music for the likes of Madonna, Elton John, Pink Floyd and Bon Jovi. Musical things are definitely still happening.

What can we expect from Gigg in 2018?

This year is particularly exciting as we are launching our new social platform for brands and businesses to push more effectively in social media and help them better understand KPIs through available data. We’ve recently partnered with some amazing people who will play a big role in Gigg’s future. We have some new ventures that we’re excited to share with the world. It looks set to be a big year for services and applications.

What about beyond Gigg? Any personal projects you’re working on?

We are excited to be a part of a new project called BeeAmicable. The country is dealing with a serious sexual harassment issue. This has been the case forever but it’s finally getting the attention it needs today. It has been so hard to hear all these horrible stories. This all needs to stop now. My good friend and partner Steve Sax, a former MLB legend and myself have worked hard on a product that we believe will provide a way to simplify the process of creating a safer environment to stop sexual harassment in its tracks. We need to get this platform into the hands of HR directors across the globe, please help us get the word out by visiting .

Another project that we’re excited about for 2018 is the Professor Of Rock. This is a destination where you can find many documentaries about some of the most popular songs in the history of music. Adam Reader, or better known as The Professor Of Rock (partner) is interviewing legends of music and mainstream artists and talking about their songs. Adam is a modern day Larry King of sorts. He connects with these artists like they’ve been best friends for decades. He is committed to asking the right questions to every artist. You know, the questions any true fan would like to ask.

I’m a massive music fan, so this is super exciting for me. The website for that is and you can watch some really cool bits of content. Enjoy!

Sounds good and seems like lots of important things are happening this year! Now, what about the travelling you do?

Almost all of my travel is, without question, to LA and that is to work on the different projects I have on the go, I travel a whole lot less than I used to but that’s going to pick up in 2018. I used to travel every week of the year. I travelled to LA a lot and the East Coast and sometimes to Texas too.

Which lounges to do you like to use and why?

I use the SkyClub or the lounges that Delta provides. I only fly Delta and they offer brilliant lounges with good food and focus on comfort.

Do you have corporate travel insurance or do you think it’s useful to have your own?

The answer is no. Travel insurance is a waste of money and stupid in my opinion.

We were speaking with Paul Hutchinson, the billionaire investor on how he travels, but how important is meeting face-to-face to you?

I tend to try to go face-to-face whenever possible. It’s very important to me. Most of what we do at Gigg can be done from here, thanks to technology, so the bulk of the travelling is done myself. I do prefer to meet face-to-face when I’m negotiating a deal or working with someone.

What are your travel tricks?

I have a Centurion Card for travel, so I would say that 99 times out of 100, when I travel I get upgraded to first class. I’m also a big believer in travelling comfortable. Why do some people travel in a suit? Seriously? There may be a reason to do it, but I’ve never done it and am unlikely to. I also can’t really sleep on a plane, so I try to be as comfortable as possible in sweats, Nikes, a good T-shirt and a cap. Travel comfortable people!

But when you suit up. Suit up.

Are you a late packer?

99% is packed fifteen minutes before getting into the car and going to the airport. I am a procrastinator, which drives my wife mad when she travels with me, but I always arrive on time, except for once!

Understandably you travel in comfortable clothes, but you’ve got a reputation for being smartly dressed, is this deliberate?

Absolutely. People judge quickly and first impressions count. There may be a time to meet someone in torn jeans and a shirt with BBQ sauce on it, but that probably isn’t in a job interview. You always want to do your very best to look your best. Part of this is being healthy and staying in shape. People respond better to a well-dressed, healthy and fit-looking person. I love running! I also eat a lot of cereal, so running is important! Some people I talk to really don’t get it and you don’t get running if you’re not a runner, but I love it. I love listening to music and talks while I run; it’s my therapeutic outlet. I’m thinking of getting into cabling soon too, as I have some partners who are into it. I have some amazing trails where I now live in Utah. Trail biking and running is huge here so I’m thinking of giving the biking aspect a go.

Trails like Golden Spike National Historic Site.


What is the funniest travel story you have to share?

A young dad had three little ones with him. It was clearly rare for him to be alone with them. His youngest, a 2-year old, crapped all over him, like all over him and he was doing his best to be a good father but he used some bad language and his oldest started using the same language and it just escalated from bad to worse.

But that’s not the worst story I have. I had flown from Chicago to Dallas to New York in about 48 hours and it was freezing cold. I remember I started getting really shaky and sick but tried to man up for it. Well, I ended up passing out on my way to the restroom and I woke up with the flight attendants standing over me and they asked, “Are you going to die sir?”

It turned out that I had pneumonia; they had to take me off the plane on a stretcher. But that was completely my fault, as I was not looking after myself. I hadn’t eaten right, I hadn’t slept right and it just took its toll. If you travel, make sure you look after yourself.

What about your favourite destinations?

Maui in Hawaii is my favourite. The Grand Wailea Resort. St Regis Hotel is beautiful. My wife and I went to Punta Mita and stayed at the St Regis there. I’m also a big fan of Cancun; I love the white sand and blue water, not to mention the JW Marriot and the Aqua.

Grand Wailea

Best advice for business travellers?

The wisest thing to do is to make an effort to meet the person to your left and right. I’ve met some great friends based on me making an effort to converse with people. You never know what’s going to come of it, especially with regards to business. Make an effort to meet someone.

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