Weekly Book Review. The Case Of The Woman Who Killed Monsters With Her Bitey Vagina. A Working Title.

Freshly released on the 1st January 2018, the sequel in the Working Title Series by Donnie Rust has already made an impact amongst fans and the avid readers and myriad of critics that the writer has accrued since launching his first Working Title Series (That Time I Did A Favour For God And Almost Got Buggered To Death By A Demon Dog. A Working Title.)


Set in the city of Norwich (in Norfolk, UK), which is actually Purgatory and home to all the living, late, lost and otherwise of the world this satyrical paranormal mystery follows the narrator as he blunders his way through political unstable times, assassination attempts and a burgeoning career as a private investigator.

At just over 220 pages it isn’t too hard a slog to get through and as Donnie Rust is not famous for writing War and Peace, it’s an easy reading page turning filled with colourful characters and interesting plot twists.

Back Cover:

There are centaurs in Purgatory and war is brewing. Donnie Rust has a new office, new responsibilities and a new personal assistant who really doesn’t like him. There is a lot to learn about the city of Purgatory and he is just discovering that what goes bump in the night may also have teeth and, potentially, an audience. The most irresponsible public servant in the world returns in the second instalment of the Working Title Series, as he tries his best to uncover “whodunit” before war breaks loose and even more people die and, perhaps worst of all, he gets blamed for it.

 The Case Of The Woman Who Killed Monsters With Her Bitey Vagina.: A Working Title: Volume 2 (The Working Title)