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Payment Terms.

When is payment due?

Full payment is due once the content for the agreed option has been completed by The Lost Executive staff and submitted to the client. The client will receive the completed work with an invoice and full payment will be due prior to publishing (see magazine launch date on email) or campaign launch (see campaign launch date on email).

Content Confirmation

Due to firm publishing deadlines and to ensure the we meet the high editorial and design standards our readers expect, upon submission of content, the client has 48 hours to request amendments. After this period has lapsed it can be assumed that the client is satisfied with what has been submitted and the content will be processed to the studio for design and layout. If client confirmation is not received within these 48 hours, the invoice payment will still be due for work completed and the work can be submitted into the magazine.

Client Responsibility

Once a client has confirmed an option to be involved, it is their responsibility to help provide the writer/designer with the information required as soon as possible. This may include completion of questionnaires, telephonic interviews, submission of appropriate media such as images. If this material is not submitted, The Lost Executive Ltd editorial staff may choose to complete content using information from a business website, reviews and/or social media in order to ensure participation continues. Once an option has been chosen we will assume that inclusion is still desired and will help ensure this happens. It is the client’s responsibility to inform us of otherwise.

In the above event, invoices will still be due and payment expected.

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