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Artificial intelligence “BEBOT” is taking overs hotels in Japan

Holiday Inn and Bespoke Inc. are proud to announce the launch of AI chatbot service Bebot at ANA Holiday Inn Sendai, the first hotel in Sendai to offer an AI Chat Guide. This is the second Holiday Inn property to adopt the concierge service following Holiday Inn Osaka Namba, June 2017. Now available at Narita airport and a range of hotels across Japan, Bebot is fast becoming an essential travel partner for visitors to the country.

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Sendai is the largest city in northern Japan – known as Tohoku – and the City of Trees. It is famous for holding the largest traditional tanabata (Star Festival) in Japan. It is also home to the 600-year-old Aoba Castle, former home to the Date clan.

The 12-storey ANA Holiday Inn Sendai is located in the city centre, a short distance from the offices of both IBM and Microsoft, just two hours from Tokyo by shinkansen. A sleek, business-focused hotel it already offers high-speed internet.

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With Bebot, guests can scan a QR code to gain access to the concierge service and get the most out of their trip to Sendai via chat. Available from December 1, 2017 accessible via any browser without the need for any additional downloads.

The Bebot concierge service has received rave reviews from guests of numerous other hotels in which it already operates. “The best feature of the hotel is something called Bebot” reported one guest named Asobi from Seattle. “It’s basically concierge on the go. I felt like I have a great travel advisor. I wish all hotel[s] has such a feature.”

“The staff in live chat is very friendly and good in English” reported another user named clelow695 via TripAdvisor. “[Bebot] replies promptly even in midnight.”

“We designed Bebot to act as a hotel concierge, but such positive interactions exceeded our expectations,” says Akemi Tsunagawa, Bespoke Inc. founder and CEO.

Bebot, is Japan’s first hotel chatbot, AI technology developed using both human chat services and AI developed by Bespoke Inc. Users can request recommendations, reservations and services. Ask specific questions related to their travel experience by chat, and receive tips, directions and reviews without leaving the chat screen.

Bebot was first released in Aomori in April 2017,  then in Osaka Namba in June, and across Japan with Granbell Hotels in August. Establishments can also customize their own FAQs to make sure guests always have the correct information in their hands. Nothing has been said yet regarding their plans to take over mankind however since Bebot launched in Tokyo’s main international airport, AI technology used by consumers and travellers is set to significantly expand.

About Bespoke Inc.

Bespoke Inc. has been hand-selected as one of the five companies to use X-Hub. X-Hub is Tokyo’s first program that strives to support Japan’s long-term growth and competitiveness. Current products include Bebot, the AI concierge, and LEVART travel community with users from over 100 countries.