Black Friday Deals for the Discerning Business Person and Generous Gift-Giver

Business persons, even discerning ones, are busy people too and may not have the time to treat themselves to certain luxuries. Worry not, understanding the importance of specials, the allure of deals and the proximity of the Christmas period we have provided a list of the top 10 gifts that you can get for them.


  1. Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses ‘Alexa’ to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms and more. It’s the real-life equivalent of JARVIS or Gideon (depending on whether you support Marvel or DC).

All-new Amazon Echo (2nd generation), Charcoal Fabric

RRP: £89.99
Deal Price: £69.99 FREE Delivery in the UK.
You Save: £20.00 (22%). In stock on November 30, 2017.

This second-generation device connects to speakers or headphones through Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm stereo cable to play music from Amazon Music, Spotify and TuneIn. Play music simultaneously across multiple Echo devices and speakers connected via a cable with multi-room music (available for Amazon Music and TuneIn. Bluetooth not supported).

Amazon Echo
Image Courtesy of Amazon

Through it you can control everything in your house that doesn’t require a finger-to-button operation, so you don’t have to worry about the microwave turning itself on. Control lights, music, volumes and televisions, while also getting messages and a whole lot more. It includes a built-in speaker and has its own smart alarm clock. This is the ultimate household or office assistant.

  1. Xbox One S 500GB + Forza Horizon 3 and Hot Wheels DLC or Xbox One S 500GB + Forza Horizon 3 + Hot Wheels DLC + Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Who says being a business person means you have to be entirely grown up? A little r&r at the end of a long day is just what the doctor ordered and these incredible console and games packages are your prescription to have fun. This is a perfect gift for someone who doesn’t have the latest game station. The bundle includes the Xbox One S 500GB console, wireless controller, Forza Horizon 3 game download, Hot Wheels expansion download, Star Wars Battlefront 2, 14-day Xbox Live Gold Trial, 1 month of Xbox Game Pass, HDMI cable (4K Capable), AC Power cable.



Also available is the Playstation 4.

 Xbox One S 500GB + Forza Horizon 3 & Hot Wheels DLC

Price: £198.99 FREE Delivery in the UK.


  1. Travel pillow and mask combo.

If you travel regularly, you know the importance of embracing every advantage in terms of getting a good rest on long-haul flights or train journeys. Cutting out blue wave light from your eyes is essential for a good sleep so a quality facemask is essential. Neck support is essential for general health and wellbeing.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

This is one of those Christmas gifts that anyone will continually thank you for. The MORECOO Inflatable Neck Pillow inflates with just a few breaths and then deflates easily for transportation and regular use. It even comes in a variety of colours, for everyone. Ideal for people suffering from neck pain as it keeps the head from moving, it uses the highest quality responsive memory foam to provide the best support. The reviews speak for themselves.


Travel Pillow, MORECOO Inflatable Neck Pillow, Portable Travel Set , Lightweight and U Shape Neck pillows for Comfortable Sleep on a Plane, Car or Train. (Dark Blue)

Price: £19.98
Sale: £10.98 FREE UK Delivery on orders dispatched by Amazon over £20.
You Save: £9.00 (45%)

4.The ultimate coffee grinder

The Firlar premium manual coffee grinder has a stainless steel body, adjustable ceramic conical burr, hand crank mill and can grind spices, as well as coffee beans.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

The built-in adjustable grind selector ensures that you have total control, as it is easily adjustable with a simple twist of the knob. It’s perfect for espressos, pour-overs, percolating for Turkish coffee spice, herbs, or anything else.

The convenient hand crank mechanism eliminates most of the noise that is generally made by electric grinders, making this suitable for your home, or even the office.

Firlar Premium Manual Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel Body Adjustable Ceramic Conical Burr Hand Crank Mill Grinds Beans Spices Brushed

Sale: £9.99 FREE UK Delivery on orders dispatched by Amazon over £20.


  1. GoPro Drone. Definitely recommended!

Imaging being able to capture amazingly smooth GoPro footage, in the air. This magnificent gift will allow pictures to become instant online hits. Thanks to the GoPro KARMA Drone with HERO5 action camera folding to fit in the included lightweight case, it can be taken anywhere and when you’re ready to fly, just unfold, attach the propellers and let go. This one also comes with a charger.

Images Courtesy of Amazon

GoPro KARMA Drone with HERO5 Action Camera – Black/White

RRP: £1,199.99
Price: £949.00 FREE Delivery in the UK. Delivery Details
You Save: £250.99 (21%)


  1. Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales Slipcase.

Sixteen hardback books, featuring fairytales, set in the Doctor Who universe. Including some legendary stories of monsters, mysteries and villains across the Whouniverse, this beautifully illustrated collection of fairy tales is a perfect gift for a Doctor Who fan, especially with the Christmas special just around the corner.

Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales Slipcase

Amazon Price
New from


Used from


7. Doctor Who: A History of Humankind: The Doctor’s Official Guide.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

From Amazon: Over billions of years of time travel, the Doctor has run into his fair share of important people – and he’s formed opinions on most of them too. Now the Twelfth Doctor has got hold of a history textbook from Coal Hill School, and he’s decided to improve it with notes of his own. From Nefertiti to Robin Hood, this essential Doctor’s guide gives us his unique take on Earth’s most famous historical figures. Through annotations, scribblings and his trademark snarky humour, the Doctor has plenty to say about the pudding-brained humans he’s met on his travels. It’s history . . . but perhaps not quite as you know it!

Doctor Who: A History of Humankind: The Doctor’s Offical Guide



£9.998 Used from £8.5420 New from £6.72

8. A suitcase to rely on.

A reliable carry-on case is important for any business traveller, so have a look at the 5 Cities Lightweight ABS 3-piece suitcase set with wheels. With hard shells for reliable protection, the cases are sturdyand can survive the battering they will have to endure on flights.

5 Cities Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Carry On Cabin Hand Luggage Suitcase with 4 Wheels, Approved for Ryanair, Easyjet, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and More, Navy Blue


9. Carry on camping!


Hammocks! Everyone wants a hammock, but a common issue is when the weather is cold and the hammock is thin. The OneTigris Hammock Underblanket is a full under quilt guaranteed to keep warmth in while you’re lounging about. See the Amazon Reviews.

 OneTigris Hammock Underblanket Lightweight Full Length Design Under Quilt for Camping Hiking Backpacking Hammock (OD Green – Winter)

Price: £71.99 FREE Delivery in the UK
Image Courtesy of Amazon


10. Cardhu Gold Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70 cl.

Cardhu Gold Reserve is rich and mellow, with warm notes of baked apple and toffee, offering a quality sip without breaking the bank and, it’s the 2015 Silver Outstanding Medal Winner – International Wine and Spirits Competition. A classy gift, it will be displayed pride of place in every man/woman den.


Cardhu Gold Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70 cl

RRP: £44.00
Deal Price: £24.85 (£35.50 / l) FREE Delivery in the UK. Delivery Details
You Save: £19.15 (44%)

11. Smart Home Devices.

Smart devices in your home are the thing of the now, not things in the future. The smarter the home the easier it is to live there. Smart home devices are therefor great gifts.