The Weekly Lost Book Review. “That Time I…Demon Dog. A Working Title”.

That Time I Did A Favour For God And Almost Got Buggered To Death By A Demon Dog. A Working Title.

Donnie Rust’s debut paranormal satire novella, set in Purgatory and written from a first-person narrative, combines all the elements of a great ‘whodunnit’ with the usual Donnie Rust left-field approach.  Casting himself as the lead, Donnie depicts the adventures of Purgatory’s most irresponsible civil servant whose party lifestyle finally catches up with him when he’s asked to do an impossible favour by an old colleague.

Filled with sex, impropriety and a dreamlike cityscape, Donnie Rust has been likened to the imaginary lovechild of an unlikely tryst between Lewis Carol and HP Lovecraft.

Amazon Backstory:

Welcome to Purgatory. Donnie leads a complex existence, as the Ambassador between the Living, Late, Lost and Otherwise…but he didn’t mean to. Juggling the protection of humanity’s interests alongside stewardship of the occult myths and monsters of the Otherwise is a serious job, but for him it’s an excuse to go to some fantastic parties as a VIP guest in a city where worlds meet and space-time is folded up like a god’s used handkerchief. When Madam Thankeron, a socialite of the Otherwise high society asks Donnie for ‘a favour’, he knows to expect the worst. When half the city then erupts into eldritch assassination attempts, he re-evaluates his expectations of ‘the worst’ and comes to a whole jolly roster of new and sordid conclusions.

This breakthrough first of Donnie Rust’s slick occult-noir Working Title series is a quick-fire cavalcade of quips, chases, fights and fantasy, setting the stage for some sensational adventures that unravel the sordid underbelly of Purgatory and expose the lurid things that go bump in the night for what they really are…


“Thoroughly well-written title. Convoluted and fun plot with a glimpse into another, macabre, world alongside our own. Recommended for those who like Neil Gaiman.” 

Thomas Monumenton

“Different slant on normal world/otherworld interactions. Fun adventure. Good characters. Good moments of jeopardy and silliness. Like the world of Norwich brought to life here. Looking forward to reading the next in series.” 

Joseph Durhamon


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About Donnie Rust

Donnie Rust is a writer, travel blogger, businessman and entrepreneur. In between writing for The Lost Executive travel website, travelling extensively, setting up his own publishing company and playing the guitar, he writes paranormal thrillers and fiction, currently with two published works under his belt. He is very active on social media and can be found on Twitter and Instagram.