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Joon. Is this the new way to business travel?

Joon offers business travellers a new option, with a focus on experience. A bleisure trip.

It’s not often that an airline can elicit a sense of genuine excitement around it’s brand., at least not in terms of creating something that feels new and fresh, through a unique experience. Well, sit up and pay attention to Joon.

Air France’s Joon has taken a bold step, in a bid to be dynamically different and to offer a sense of moving with the times. It is targeting a new subset of travellers; a generation of millennials seeking something with flexibility and personalisation opportunities that suit their lifestyles and will enhance their experiences.

In short, Joon seems to have ambitions to innovate, through key partnerships that will enhance the travelling experience right across the board.

The Brand

Joon has been designed from the ground up, in the style of a contemporary fashion brand, thanks to the expertise of design agency Brandimage and a 100% digital advertising campaign, managed by BETC.

Joon has bedecked itself in electric blue, with an overarching chic sportswear look. The flight attendant uniforms consist of a piquant mix of classic and modern garments, with slimline trousers, sneakers, redesigned nautical stripes and a sleeveless quilted gilet. Adding some green credentials as well, Joon’s uniforms have been created from recycled fabrics, made from plastic bottles.

The Experience

Joon is determined to stay ahead of the curve, offering access to in-flight streaming, via it’s YouJoon system, direct to passengers own smartphones, tablets or laptops. The entertainment on offer will include a wide selection of TV series, animated series, web TV and kids’ programmes.

An extra fantastic addition and one that I will certainly take advantage of, is the installation of individual USB ports, enabling passengers to recharge their phones, whilst flying. A common sense function, you might think, yet it is something that is shockingly lacking on most short-haul flights. This alone makes me want to fly with Joon.

The AlloSky Virtual Reality Headset (a bit of a mouthful, granted) will be available to Business customers on long-haul flights, in collaboration with SkyLights. There is little information on what this will offer, but having experienced the likes of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, I am hoping for great things.

Joon’s business travellers will also be able to take advantage of SkyPriority and enjoy use of the Air France lounges.

The Food

Free catering will be included in business class and those with a more cost-conscious focus can enjoy a new paid option.

With around sixty tasty treats on offer, 20% will be organic, with additional options to enjoy a few appetisers, an energising fruit juice and crucial extra vitamins. Always conscious of passenger comfort, Joon will also offer complimentary drinks throughout the day, including water, orange juice, organic Segafredo coffee and tea.

Joon, the Air France group’s new airline!

What else does Joon offer?

Remember how I touched upon Joon’s ambition to innovate? Well, check out these clever extras:

  • TravelCar will take care of your car at Paris-CDG while you’re away and will provide you with free and fully secured parking by offering to rent it to other private individuals.
  • Airbnb Experiences invites you to enjoy an authentic travel experience. Cooks, hikers and passionate residents in every city are all waiting to share their communities with you. You create your own trip.
  • Le BHV Marais has concocted a unique tour of Paris with three exclusive packages.
  • With Waynabox, an exclusive partner with Joon, when departing from Paris, you will discover your destination just 48 hours before departure. Chose a weekend package and Waynabox will take care of everything.

Where to and how much?

Starting 1st December 2017 in Europe, from €39 including tax:

  • Barcelona1 (Spain): 51 weekly flights
  • Berlin1 (Germany): 37 weekly flights
  • Lisbon1 (Portugal): 28 weekly flights
  • Porto1 (Portugal): 3 weekly flights

Starting summer 2018 in Brazil and the Seychelles:

  • Fortaleza2 (Brazil) starting at €249 including tax: 2 weekly flights
  • Mahé2 (Seychelles) starting at €299 including tax: 3 weekly flights

 Air France

As Joon is Air France’s ‘little sister’, passengers will be able to benefit from:

  • Easier connections at Paris-CDG
  • The possibility of earning and using Flying Blue Miles
  • With SkyPriority, fast-track access at check-in, at security checkpoints and baggage drop-off for Business customers and Flying Blue Gold and Platinum members
  • Air France assistance

The Lost Executive Opinion

A blast of fresh air to the travel industry, the real excitement of Joon comes from its short-haul experience. If it is able to offer leading entertainment and food, in a category of flight that still lacks USB sockets, headrest screens and wifi, then it really could define itself as a desirable way to travel.

The mention of a VR headset could be a game changer for flying; I just hope it is not a gimmick, but is truly thought out and actually enhances the flying experience.

Could they offer a bleisure experience? We hope so. We have yet to test their service, but as soon as we do, we’ll be sure to give you our honest opinion.

One-way including tax from Paris-CDG, until October 15, 2017 valid for travel from December 1 to 21, 2017 and from January 8 to February 28, 2018, hold baggage not included.
2One-way including tax on sale soon from Paris-CDG, hold baggage not included.

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