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Handycosy. A review on the latest Kickstarter success improving travel for us all.

Handycosy the purple foldable neck pillow.

For years I’ve denied myself a neck pillow on flights. Partly because I’ve always considered the hassle of carrying one around; it doesn’t fit nicely in a day bag, or my messenger bag. If you do decide to carry it, you have the annoyance of carrying it around, attaching it to your bag and being stuck with it, even while not in use. Yes, you can carry it around your neck, but it’s not a look I wish to pull off.

I was kindly sent a HandyCozy to use and see if I would be converted to the travel pillow.

Firstly, it’s soft and purple, so I liked it. Secondly, it arrived, all compact, in a little bag, folded into a small enough size as to make it very easily cartable, in a bag or suitcase.

Even during the flight, when not comforting your neck, the pillow is easy to store and at hand for when you need it.

So, am I converted? Yes. It provided me with the necessary support I required for my neck and I slept comfortably. I would have preferred it to be slightly thicker, but I have a big heavy head, so I’m sure that most people will be very happy with it.

Perhaps it could come in black?

Summary of features:

Ergonomic design 

Most memory foam pillow in the market has a rigid shape. However, we have specially selected a highly moldable memory foam as the filling. By mimicking the shape of the human neck, more of the pillow touches the neck, thus providing more support without being too tight.

Super compact and lightweight 

Due to the porous nature of the pillow filling, it can be packed down to 30% of its original size. Plus, it weighs just 200 grams — less than half a pound.

Flattened back 

The back of Handycosy pillow is flat, unlike the doughnut-shaped pillows that push your neck forward during use. You can use the HandyCosy and lean comfortably against your headrest.

Specially selected pillow filling 

The density of the pillow filling was specially selected to provide optimum neck support while still being comfortable to lean on.

Other features 

– Good finishing – Smooth cutting of the pillow cover, unlike inflatable pillows, no sharp edges hurting the neck, hidden zipper

– Fluffy texture of the pillow cover – comfortable to lean on

If you wish to find out more, you can find their social media links below, otherwise check them out here.

Facebook: @HCtravelpillow

Instagram: @handycosy

Twitter: @handycosy