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Day 1 of my 9-Week transformation with Primal 9

One of the Lost Executives has decided to lose his business travel weight and fit in his suit again. Follow Jerome Smith's 9-week transformation here.

The revelation

It hit me like a brick thrown out of a window, the full force knocking me down. Devastated, I think of plausible reasons for this injustice. How have I developed a visible midriff bump in my nice tailored suit? Buying a new suit is out of the question. This leaves me one possible inevitable solution…exercise.

Primal 9


Since the occasional weekly jog failed to keep at bay all those calories from airports and business lunches, I would have to resort to something more extreme, something intense, something developed to make you sweat away those years of business travel.  As it happens a tweet popped up on my timeline from Men’s Health, a new program they have recently launched called Primal 9. This is a 9-week training system created by Men’s Health and Ross Edgley. Having looked into a few other options, what stood out for me was the minimal equipment needed; only requiring a phone (for the App), a pair of dumbbells, a weight plate and a bench. All this is pretty much available in all hotel gyms. You pay your £47.99 and start. Ok, this may seem a lot, but it’s the equivalent of a single PT session or a months gym membership. Plus as it’s on my phone, I can take the program anywhere.

The beginning

Initially, you start with a Fitness Test, one they charmingly named ‘The Centurion’. As if the words fitness test was not intimidating enough. Basically, you do 25 repetitions of 4 exercises without a break. You then rest and repeat. The aim is to do a total of 1,000 repetitions. I write this before I’ve started… can I start crying?

How did I do?

Primal 9 Result

Well, I survived. Done my 1,000 reps, look worst for wear, but I can only get better. I shall share with you, my 9-week progress with weekly updates, how it fits in with real life and how I manage to combine it with my near weekly hotel stays. If that is too long for your curiosity, then I will be sharing daily updates via Twitter.

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